December 9, 2011

The MEGA HUGE Holiday Cool Stuff List

HELLO FRIENDS!!! There's gonna be a lot of ALL CAPS talking today, because I'm so excited! Doesn’t it look like Miss Julia is about to present a list of some sort or something? Actually, she’s holding a napkin. And this pic is from last year. But I still love it and it seems festive, like the MEGA HUGE HOLIDAY COOL STUFF I LIKE LIST I’m about to present to you.

We just got back from visiting family IN HAWAII, it was super fun and I have a ton of pix that I can’t wait to share! Next week! And the holiday fairies, aka my paternal unit, got me a new DSLR!!!!! I’ve always wanted to write this: SQUEE!!!! If my family thought I was intolerable with the picture taking before. . . ah what fun awaits them!

Our flight got in at midnight last night and I got to bed at 2 am so I am going to be really incoherent today. Plus before I left last week I did a week’s worth of blogging in 2 days because I am. . . how do you say? Oh – OUT OF MY MIND. Any one else would have said, hey going on a trip, see you in a few! But I apparently anointed myself the Terminator of Blogging and that’s why you got randomness like the All About Me post, which my husband found very bizarre. But I LOVED hearing all the tidbits about you guys!


Need a lovely holiday book? Check out this giveaway!!

Lite Brite. Got one for Julia. Ours was under $20.

Play All Day Activity Book.

Dragons & Monsters Encyclopedia Mythologica Pop-up. By the genius Robert Sabuda.

An Elsa Beskow Memory Game! SOOOOOO CHARMING!

Amazing Shadow Puppets.

A friend is giving his kid an old school Spirograph.

Rainy Day Art Kit.

I’m obsessed with this toy hospital.

A picture-laden Pippi book!

The most beautiful wooden picture books from Switzerland.

We’re getting Miss Julia a science kit. Not sure, but maybe this one?

Cotton Candy Cupcake Kit!

Tokyo Milk products are SO AMAZING. Cutest stocking stuffers EVER. I want one!

OMG. This White Christmas Tea Gift is flipping awesome!

‘Falling Cloudberries’ cookbook: I’ve seen it in person – X-treme Want!

The next thing I'd like to read is this. Found out about it here.

THE perfect gift (I’ve already purchased two sets!).

Cool Book of the Week: ‘Jingle Bells’ by Kathleen Daly. Found this in my dad’s attic! It’s so darling! A story with the famous song woven into the narrative. Julia loved it.

Have a great weekend! We’re getting our tree all set up!

xo, Melissa


  1. Oh man... we didn't make the list. Oh well. It's still a great list none-the-less! That book Darkfever does look good. and we once did a post about Dragons & Monsters Encyclopedia Mythologica back in October. That book is incredible!... well thats sabuda for you.

  2. Oh my gosh Robyn!!!!! SO sorry! My brain is not working due to time changes. I did write about it on Facebook though. I'm gonna go right now and put in a link. :)~Melissa

  3. Thanks so much! Sorry if I seem pushy... I really appreciate that you put it on there and I saw that you shared it yesterday... thanks for that too. Hey someday (probably after the newyear) would you consiter doing a guest post on ours? We really like you. thanks again!

  4. No problem whatsoever! I can't tell you how many times I've left something out I wanted to include and I have to go in and retroactively fix the boo-boo :) And I would love, love, LOVE to do a guest post! ~Melissa

  5. Wonderful! I'll let you know more when we get there... we are going to start doing features after the new year- that will be so great!

  6. Yea! I was hoping you do a post like this. That Rainy Day Art Kit is so cute I want to squeeze it!

  7. Thanks Miss Keely! I just found out that Julia's aunty is going to give her the Rainy Day Art Kit for Christmas! VERY excited!

    I don't think J has the fine motor to handle a Spirograph yet, I think I had mine when I was 7, but I am totally going to get her one at some point!! xo, Melissa

  8. Right, right. My daughter (almost 5) has one and she can't really "do" it. Better for older girls. I was also interested to see that Lite Brite has come a long way--flatscreen and LED! What a crack up.

  9. I'm basically reliving my childhood, getting new versions of the toys I had, and getting The Toys That Got EASY BAKE OVEN! I don't care if it sucks, at some point I'm getting myself (I mean her) that darn oven. Although wasn't that you who had that mini cupcake maker thingy on Pinterest? That looked so cool!!!!