December 22, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka

Hey peeps! I know this is a crazy week for you and the rest of creation so I’ll keep my captions short and to the point. Merry Christmas! Mele Kalikimaka! In early December, we had the world’s quickest trip to Hawaii to visit Grandpa. It was the first time Julia had been back there since she was a baby/toddler.

And guess what – we didn’t go to the beach.

I’m waiting for the collective gasps to die down.

Yep, it’s true. This trip we took a beach breather. It was SUPER windy and I figured that by the time it would take me to get us outfitted with beach umbrelly, toys and 10 latherings of sunscreen BY MYSELF (Andrew had to remain behind for work and to take care of the Terror Cat Twins.), just to be there for an hour before we began to fry just WASN’T WORTH IT.

So we went to a Christmas party, toured the Maui Aquarium (so awesome!), took in ‘The Muppet Movie’ (Julia loved it), had an all-afternoon playdate with a dear friend and her darling kids, and scampered around some breathtaking lavender fields. We also ate the BEST DOUGHNUTS in the KNOWN UNIVERSE. We had a great time in a 4 and a 1/2 day time frame!

Surfin’ Santa Maui lives at Grandpa’s house. He’s a cutie-pie.

Hibiscus, one of my favorite flowers.

Gardenias ARE my favorite flower!

Protea. Did you know they originated in South Africa? I didn’t! So fabulous.

Grandpa’s house is filled with pieces of Hawaiiana like this kukui nut lei (necklace.) Julia loved exploring!

My dad is a stunning photographer. He specializes in underwater photography. Very soon, he’s going to start selling his works as prints, which will be available for purchase online. I’ll be sure to have a link to his site here when it launches!

I’m always telling him to quit law and go pro with the lens shooting. When/if he retires, he’ll probably go at this fulltime. He took this volcano shot on the Big Island of Hawaii.
The girly-girl, was SO happy to be warm and in a T-shirt. She lost her second tooth on this trip FYI. The day after she discovered it was pretty loose, she wiggled it for 45 minutes right after she woke up. By lunchtime, that baby was GONE. Champion tooth wiggler, this one.

Art for sale in the town of Makawao. I looove it. Would have loooved to buy it. Didn’t love the price tag.

J strolling with her pink-haired mermaid past a grove of bamboo. Julia was more entranced with that dolly than anything else she saw in Hawaii.

This store lives up to its name. If you go to Maui, you must check out the town of Makawao. Darling and quaint shops, the best hidden secret shopping on the island. There’s a store that sells Tokyo Milk products! I’ve only seen Tokyo Milk at Anthroplogie or online. But yet it’s here in this tiny town.

Fish gazing at the Maui Ocean Center.

Windy. I love palm trees. I miss seeing them all the time.

The turtles were cool but Julia infinitely preferred the hammerhead sharks.

Grandpa and I told her she could get one thing in the aquarium gift shop. I told G-pa to get comfy. She spent the next 40 minutes agonizing over what to get. That pink haired mermaid dolly you saw in the bamboo picture? That’s what she got. And look at the great book selection! We already own ‘The Goodnight Gecko’ and ‘Gecko Hide and Seek’ -- they are darling for toddlers and so vibrantly illustrated.

Upcountry Maui.

Here’s where we found the first clue on our scavenger hunt at Alii Kula Lavender Farm. Julia just about lost it with excitement when she received her scavenger map and set off hunting for clues. The treasure? Lavender cookies. And we bought a cup of lavender tea to go with them. This treasure hunt is FREE mind you, for kids and parents. It was so fun! Highly, highly suggest this as a must-do on Maui. There’s an incredible view of the entire island that will knock your socks off.

A Very Serious Treasure Seeker.

I’m FROM here and this view still impressed the heck out of me.

More protea, more hibiscus.

I’m looking back at these photos, remembering how very happy my hair and skin was in the mild Hawaiian climate – oh how I miss THAT WEATHER. Seventy-five degrees of perfection pretty much day after day. I took it for granted growing up. No more, I tell you!


  1. Thx for Lavender farm tip, we'll try it.
    Aloha from Maui, it's sunny and perfect, except for Jon complaining about the kitty pool at the grand wailea every 5 minutes. You were lucky to get out of being in the sun everyday. Noe's eyes are sunburned!
    Wish we could have been here at the same time.

  2. Hello dearest! SO wish we had been able to swing trips at the same time :( Tell Jon kiddie pools are the only way to go -- Have fun at the lavender farm and get ready for a work out -- at least it was for me -- tromping up and down hills! xo, Melissa

  3. Absolutely love the photos. Makes me homesick for Maui. Hopefully we will get there this summer.

  4. Makes me homesick too Mele!! And I was just there! xo, Melissa

  5. All of the pictures, all my family going there...ugh. you all are KILLING me!! That picture of Makawao made me sigh.

  6. Ah Makawao -- wouldn't it be fun to stroll through and take a little shopping trip together?? Don't be too jealous, we were only there for 4 days! Oh guess what, there is a Farmer's Market in Makawao now! I didn't get to go, but next time I want to.

    xo, Melissa

  7. Aloha,

    Great images and Maui info Melissa. I'm planning my first ever trip to Maui, arriving in mid-November. I'm really interested to explore the island and the countryside. I'm planning to stay in upcountry, Kula area. I'm a photographer myself, always in search of an authentic travel experience. I'm very interested in visiting the upcountry and some of the towns you have mentioned, especially Makawao. I'd like to do a story on the Paniolo's, so this is the place I will want to be. If you (or your family who live there) have any recommendations of places to visit, I'd be beyond grateful for the advice.

    All the best...happy blogging and sharing more of your travel adventures! :)