December 27, 2011

Rainbow Rooms

Friends, it’s been a Way Too Extremely Much LONG TIME since we’ve taken a peek at some fun children’s room décor. I’ve been stockpiling some favorites and I think it’s time to take a small Christmas break and get down and busy with some serious color fun, kiddo room style. You know me by now, subtlety is not my game. These rooms are not fooling around in their strong punches of tinted glory!

I like RAINBOW ROOMS! (do you?)

What do you think? Is this one above too crazy for ya? See the rug? FANTASTIC!

This one is just too cool. Love everything about it! That massive art piece? The giant stuffed animal squishy place? (What the heck IS that?) That toddler bed? The rug? Put a master bed in this room and you’ve got great décor for an adult, teen, anyone. This room is amaaaaaaazing.

Lovely. Love the teal, avocado green, smidge of yellow and hints of grey.

Red + Yellow = My Favorite Color Combo. Check out that dollhouse!

Have I lost you totally with this one? It’s very Turkish bazaar fab, in my opinion. I don’t know what’s going on with that mobile but I’m way into it.

Are you noticing a purple theme going on here? It feels like when folks decide to do purple, they REALLY decide to do purple.

Crayyyy-zay? Or fab? I love it but I don’t think I could live with it.

Whoa, I would hang that cat picture in my room! I think this room is sweet, sweet, sweet.

The wallpaper! That chest! Did you notice that the ABC print framed in green in the picture above? Cool!

SOOOOOO, what do you think? If I had to actually live in one of these, I would choose the second photo down from the top. Would these rooms give you a headache? I’m not sure even a color lover like me could handle THAT MUCH going on, but they are inspiring in their boldness, yes?

(Image credits, top to bottom: Kenziepoo via Little Nordic, The Glow, Pinterest, Pinterest,, Pinterest, The New Home Ec, Design,,,


  1. I like elements of each, but the one where I like the entire room is the fourth one down from the top. :)

  2. My fav is the second one down!! :) ~Melissa

  3. I adore all of that color~ and that cat picture is fantastic! i would share my own chilrens incredibly bright rooms (red walls with striped green/white celing and aqua blue walls with watermelon pink/white striped celiengs) if i had pctures(also I just wish my kids rooms looked so fresh and beautiful all the time as these do... housework... ugh) - these are so much fun, so glad you found and shared.