December 1, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas Book List

Alrighty friends! I’m going to just pile it all on ya right now. And then we’ll have nothing more to talk about this month. I guess we’ll have to talk about wassail! Some of these books came from the library, some of them we own. We’ve read everything on this list (already) and every single one is a whole bucket of Christmas funoodle. And THAT, my lovelies, is word creationism at its best. I literally cannot do any better than funoodle.

‘Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve?’. We are looooving anything by Jan Brett right now. (See below.) A lot of her Christmas stories involves the naughty hijinks of Christmas trolls. Julia and I are WAY into the trolls! (Who are silly and mischievous, not scary.)

‘Jan Brett’s Christmas Treasury’ has her classics (‘The Mitten’) as well as new-to-us stories like ‘The Wild Christmas Reindeer’ and ‘The Christmas Trolls’. More trolls! If you are unfamiliar with Jan Brett, her detailed art will BLOW. YOU. AWAY. There are hidden surprises everywhere you look. Julia loves all the little hedgehogs that reappear in the stories. FABULOUS. It also includes her artistic vision of ‘The Night Before Christmas’.

‘Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree’ (by Robert Barry) is kinda big. So big the tippy top brushes against the ceiling. So he snips the tippy top off and his butler takes it. But the top of THAT tree is too big as well. So again with the snip snappy. Someone else takes the tip. And then cuts off the top. Then a half dozen animals take the top and the tip of this seemingly endless tree keeps getting snipped off until a tiny branch winds up in a mousie house. Got all that?

‘Four Friends at Christmas’ by the great Tomie de Paola is a sweet one about friends going the extra mile to bring a merry Christmas to a froggy friend who skips hibernation so he can join in Christmas festivities. Cuteness.

‘Gus Was a Christmas Ghost’ by Jane Thayer is a prequel to one of my all-time favorites, ‘Gus and the Baby Ghost’. Gus the friendly ghost spreads a little holiday cheer to the cranky caretaker of the historical museum that Gus calls home. I had no idea there was a series of Gus books! We’re going to read them all!

‘Christmas in the Country’ by Cynthia Rylant and Diane Goode is a sweet, old-timey read about a small kiddo enjoying holiday rituals like writing to Santa, getting cozy under snuggly quilts, and making homemade ornaments. Super cute library find!

We scored ‘Richard Scarry’s The Animals Merry Christmas’ two years ago as a gift. It is one of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE CHRISTMAS BOOKS. Poems, stories, the most delightful art – if you are going to buy a holiday book this year, this one should be it. I could read the shorter stories to Julia when she was three, and now she is the perfect age for the longer stories in the book. It’s a big, beautiful picture book crammed with holiday sweetness. The book cover glitters! (Always a selling point.) Go. Go get this book. Or check it out from a library. But GO GET IT.

(I was just joking earlier. I have more books to talk about! But I really do want to devote a lot of time to wassail because. . .it’s WASSAIL. I could say that word all say long.)


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  2. Melissa, we have a Christmas book that you MUST get your hands on: Berkeley Breathed's "Red Ranger Came Calling" ( First of all, it's set on Washington's Vashon Island and secondly... well, let's just say the story concludes with something on Vashon Island that you can go see (at least it was still there 15 years ago when my family went) that might just cement one's belief in Santa Claus. Sorry to be so cagey on the details, but I don't want to spoil it too much!

  3. I love your christmas book list! I had completely fogotten Mr. Willoby's Christmas Tree- thanks for the reminder. Come see our christmas book list... the two seperate didn't even duplicate any titles! So glad there are SO many wonderful books in the world

  4. I'm working on my list right now--Mr. Willowby's is on it! ;)


  5. I came to see your list Robyn!! It was soooo great!!! I am so with you, SO MANY wonderful Christmas books out there! And today is just Dec 1! We got more fun a-coming!

    OOOOOH Michelle, I am so intrigued to see this Vashon Island setting Christmas book!! Neato!! xo :)~Melissa

  6. Don't you love 'Mr. Willowby' Vanessa??? I kept thinking, HOW DARN SMALL CAN THEY MAKE THIS TREE????? :) ~Melissa

  7. great roundup - I haven't seen that first Jan Brett book and MUST check it out - looks great!

  8. Hi Melissa! What a FABULOUS name you have!! SO lovely! tee hee. You will love love that Jan Brett book, it's a really fun one! Thanks for coming by to see our holiday cheer :) ~Melissa

  9. And hey Kelli! I'm right there with ya! :)~Melissa