December 11, 2011

Zomsters Giveaway!

I was thrilled when the fun folks over at Zomsters, a locally based Washington state company specializing in eco-friendly and fun children’s clothing, got in touch with me asking me to take a peek at their goodies.

WOW. Is their stuff ever CUTE! They offered this adorable art block as a giveaway to my readers and when I received it in the mail, it was even MORE darling than I thought it would be from just looking at their ultra-charming website. I’ve got this whale/penguin combo to give to a lucky someone today, but there are a ton more to choose from on their website.

Check out this fabulous onesie that I’m going to give my baby nephew!

They’ve got onesies, T-shirts, hats coming soon, art prints, cards, water bottles, the art blocks and limited edition artwork.

(Click on the images below to go directly to that item on their website.)

The art block in today’s giveaway would be a lovely holiday gift!

To enter this very cool giveaway:

If you haven’t already done so,
Become a follower of Julia’s Bookbag

“Like” Zomster’s on Facebook (click on this link or go to their site and click their Facebook icon) AND SHARE THE NEWS OF THIS GIVEAWAY. Come back and tell me where you shared it! (Twitter, Facebook etc)

Leave a comment on today’s post!

(Sharing the news of the giveaway will get you an extra entry! I know not everyone is on these social media sites, so in that case, just leave a comment below and support our bloggy by becoming a follower of Julia’s Bookbag!)

I want to get this out in time for the holidays so this giveaway will be open for 48 hours only, and then I will pick a winner on Thursday, December 15 and it will be mailed on Friday, December 16!

Good Luck! Folks, as cute as this is, it’s even more fab in person, I’m telling you!

(P.S. Right now you can order anything at 25% off @! Enter “Zomsters2011” at check out.)

This giveaway is now closed


  1. So cute!! Hope i win win win!!

  2. So much fun! I'm totally in. Sharing on FB... liking zomsters... commenting. I love it! We're going to link your giveaway up to our winner announcement tonight at 8:00 too :)

  3. Oh my goodness. I am in love with mosters (see my moster quilt I just finished for my son here THis would be an awesome give-away to win!

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  5. Goodness, the Advent excitement is building up here! Such beauties you are posting tonight!

    Why don't you join in on the Making Winter Week? I think you could add a little of your magic.

  6. Their stuff is so cute!! Gretchen

  7. Kristin Briley12/12/11, 9:40 PM

    Adorable, indeed!