January 9, 2012

Blog Milk

Y’all may have noticed that we’re sporting just a teensy bit of a new look around here – I fear change more than just about anything but I also have the attention span of a fruit fly or small gnat. Or a toddler. Take your pick! Anyhoo, things were looking cluttery to me and delightful Ana helped me out. Ana wrote the gorgeous blog Live and Enliven, and has now launched Blog Milk, an online shop selling website/blog templates and other web design services!

I warned Ana up front that working with me might be…challenging/annoying/crazy-making.
I’ll give you an example:
“Hey Ana! It’s me. Remember how I said the picture size on the blog needs to be a little bigger? I changed my mind, I want to make them smaller. Ok now they’re too small. Can we make them just a little bigger? 
“Hey Ana! Me again. Can we make the blog title the same kind of magenta I had before? No, MORE magenta. Magentier. Nope, too pink. Darker. Nope, too pink. Can we italicize the font? Can we un-italicize the font? Can we make it bigger? ‘Cuz I want it to be like BAM! JULIA’S BOOKBAG!” 
“Hi Ana! How are things going? I’ll send you 20 emails while you’re working just to really slow the process down. How are things going? Is everything working yet? How are things going? Is everything fine? You don’t have to respond to that last email…”
“Hey Ana! I’m freaking out! Why? Because that’s what I do!”
At this point, Andrew decided I had clearly gone INSANE and asked me to please stop emailing Ana 20 times per second. And to stop changing the size of the font.

new font
Through it all, Ana sweetly and graciously responded to every email and got everything put together and running smoothly in the blink of an eye. Her design sense is unerring. You should hop over to see her new site – in addition to her shop, she’s got a cool new blog. So fun!