January 6, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

HOW’S EVERYONE DOING? I’m so relieved the holidays are over! Which is so so strange for me, I usually go into deep mourning when Christmas flies the coop.

Taking down the tree this weekend. Planning Julia’s birthday next month. Trying to ignore my own birthday coming up soon. Getting ready to watch Season 2 of ‘Downton Abbey’ – speaking of which – OMG IT’S THE GREATEST SHOW EVER! It’s all that I hoped it would be! It’s English period mixed with soap opera! I even got Andrew to watch it with me! I love it so much! And all you suckers who watched it last year have had to wait many moons for it to come back – not me! I only have to wait a week! There are times when procrastinating pays off. Sorry for rubbing that in. Really. I heartily apologize. Just a little gentle teasing THAT YOU'VE HAD TO WAIT SO LONG!

Excited to embark on the first COOL STUFF list of 2012 with you:

Barefoot Books is one of the coolest online bookshops for kids. They’re having a sale!

Julia is WAY into audio books. Next up I want to get her ‘A Bear Called Paddington’.

Doesn’t this sound lovely and cozy?

And while we’re over at Whole Living (great mag BTW), who’s gonna try this with me?

10 Slow Cooker Winter Dinners.

I collect gingerbread recipes. How does Black Sticky Gingerbread sound? (rad.)

Downton Abbey Cake!!!!!!!

Lavender, sage, lemon and vanilla bath salts sound really appealing right now.

Cool Book of the Week: ‘Mouse and Mole: A Winter Wonderland’ by Wong Herbert Yee, is a fun one we picked up at the library a few weeks ago. An Early Reader about two animal friends trying to come to an agreement about how to best enjoy winter. (Stay in or go out? I know what I’d do – STAY IN!)
Winter book 1

Have a lovely first weekend in January! No snow for us yet, I’m wondering if it will happen for us this year?? It’s been pretty mild here so far.



  1. I love the new look of your site! Happy Friday... we're off to Disneyland tomorrow! :)

  2. Disneyland??? Oh my goodness lucky you, HAVE FUN! And thank you about the site, I fear change but I think it is less cluttery now :)~Melissa

  3. Thanks for all the great links. And yes, I love love love Downton Abbey! Can't wait for the new series to be in DVD!

  4. I'm glad you like them Susan!! I try to put links in that are of genuine interest to me and ones that I was excited to discover, and with things that don't cost ten million dollars :) ~Melissa

  5. Happy new year, Melissa!!
    Hey, I love the new blog design! ;)

  6. Happy New Year to you too Laura!! Thanks ever so much for your sweet comment -- looking forward to hearing from you more in 2012! ~Melissa

  7. I love Downton too, the girls were on The Jonathan Ross show recently and looked so different out of costume and all modern makeup!
    The Christmas special was fab, have you seen that, probably not if you're just starting series 2, I shall say nothing more!
    Kat x

  8. Hello Kat! I'm so happy you came by to say hello, I'm a big fan of your site :)

    I have not seen the Christmas special, but OH how I want to! ~Melissa