January 13, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

Love this pinecone decoration. This one survived the transition from Christmas stick tree to January winter stick tree.

It suddenly got a bit colder! Freezing fog in the mornings and the hint, the smallest possibility of a teensy bit of SNOW early next week! I hope we get at least a small smattering of snow this year. I do so much better with actual cold and snow rather than continual grey 45 degree blah. After spending the week obsessing over fonts, I’m ready to dive into a pile of blankies and pillows with some hot chocolate and watch fifty viewings of whatever the heck Julia wants to watch. Winter paralysis has seized me, I may as well really throw in the towel.

I found some very fun COOL STUFF this week:

My sweet Vanessa from Silly Eagle Books discovered BABY LIT BOARD BOOKS. ADORE.

FAIRY TOAST!!!! I’m losing my mind here. Should I make it now? Valentine’s Day?

Remember my Octonauts post? THERE’S A SHOW!!! Julia’s wild for it. It’s so fun and darling!

I don’t know if I’d rather have Sashimi Cat attacking me or Sally eating my clothes.

I love this pillow! Andrew pronounced it hideous.

Didn’t know I craved an Elephant Toothbrush Holder before now. $12! SO CUTE!

French toast muffins.

I want to make a large mural like this with Julia. Maybe a winter one?

Cool Book of the Week: ‘Winter Story’ by Jill Barklem. Vanessa (see above) put me on to the ‘Brambly Hedge’ books. We’ve read several of them now and the incredibly detailed and intricate art is such a wonder. This one is all about the mouse community making ready for their annual winter festival.

Winter Story
Have a lovely weekend! I’m hoping to rouse myself out of my winter-itis.


  1. I'm afraid I'm with Andrew on the pillow. LOL But French toast muffins? YUMMY!!!

  2. Hey, we have octonaut fever over here too! I will have to get a hold of those books!

  3. Ha ha ha Michelle! I have a pillow problem. And my pillow love runs all over the place. Which is why I try to get most of them from Ikea, where I can get a $5 pillow and then not feel too bad about changing my mind about it....

    @Whiteney, the Octonaut books are THE BEST, you will adore them!

  4. I'm sure you've posted a yummy easy cookie/cupcake at some point, but i don't remember. I need to bring 3 dozen wrapped sweetie's to Noe's school bake sale next week, any ideas(only SUPER easy things).

  5. Hey Miss T : the easiest way to go is to get a box of Dr. Oetker's cake mix (NO bad ingredients) and make cupcakes from them. Directions for cupcakes are on the box. They also have a frosting mix. Really good! Available at most any grocery store, Whole Foods for sure will have it.


  6. oh, you reminded me of Brambely Hedge! We checked them out and they were a bit over Juliet's head--but now, I think they would be perfect.

    thanks for all the links! (and p.s. I got my hands on a review copy of the romeo and juliet book--it is so adorable.) Post coming soon!


  7. Yay! Can't wait to see that post! ~Melissa

  8. Even though my sisters and I are 24, 30 and 33, we made mum read us all the 4 of the Brambly Hedge seasons by the fire this last Christmas! :)

  9. How lovely Jeska! I hope Julia will do those sorts of things with me when she's older! I just bought Spring and Autumn in a half price bookshop... ~Melissa