January 20, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

P2240053 (2)
Everyone goes into the snow in their purple tutus right? Oh that reminds me, WE GOT SNOW YO! This is exciting for Pac Northwesterners because typically we’ll get one big snow a year, if any at all. Here, any snowfall is described by the media as a “SNOW EVENT”. And discussed endlessly in the news for days, pre and post said “EVENT”. I of course buy totally into this hype and watch/check the news every hour on the hour. Because something could happen that I haven’t read about fifty times already, and THEN WHERE WOULD I BE?? Up a flipping creek, I tell ya.

I can’t wait to get to my COOL STUFF list this week:

Because of Jenny. THIS HAS MADE MY WEEK. (If you are easily offended keep a-walkin’…Honestly after this dose of mega-awesome, I don’t want to put anything else on the list. But I will.)

Thank you Andrew. I would only like to fly this airline please.

A friend posted this nugget ‘o awesome on Facebook.

Longevity noodles for your Chinese New Year feast!

If I could, I would.

“Ryan Gosling is a precious gift.” You can find all the recent Ryan = awesome links here.

Bellocq Little Dickens tea. For your fanciest tea party with your kidlet.

Julia’s White Dreams blog! Cool name eh? (I’m totally getting into Swedish blogs!)

More of the white theme. Look at the ingredients – awesome, yes?

Cool Book of the Week: ‘Jin Jin the Dragon’ by Grace Chang and Chong Chang. Another fab dragon book in honor of Chinese New Year. Julia and I both loved this one about a dragon trying to figure out what exactly he IS – a lion? A bird? A snake? You get to learn Chinese characters for different words like tree, lake, and rock along the way.

Jin Jin

Our snow is probably going to be washed away by rain by next week but I’ll have some more pix of our recent snow days. Have a lovely weekend!



  1. What a great snow picture! I love how you capture those big flakes mid-air.

  2. Hello Kitty in the skies! I love the comment about what to do if you suffer cute overload on the flight. :)

    I hope you are enjoying the snow! I'm completely envious, of course. We never, ever get snow in my part of California. :(

  3. "Bates is sneaking around the village like Chris Hanson in a chat room"!!! Thanks for sharing that link, I needed the laugh.

  4. @Miss B: that was a lucky shot of some kind! :)

    @Michelle: so hilarious right?

    @Sarah: Wasn't that PRICELESS? Jenny is funnier than 'SNL' (which is a bad analogy, b/c SNL isn't that funny anymore), funnier than Louis CK, funnier than EVERYONE, in my little opinion. Oh and she has the best design sense around.

  5. Hello wonderful lady!

    I totally get your snow thrill! I am a little frustrated we haven't had any here in our neck of the woods. It's good to see somebody else with the Scandinavian Blog bug!

    Wishing you and your beautiful family a happy Sunday.

  6. Thank you Miss Stephanie!! I do find so many inspiring things on European blogs in general...(especially yours!:) ~Melissa