January 27, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

Well our snow is pretty much melted away but here’s a reminder shot. Winter can be so beautiful, yes? I just like to admire it from AFAR. I don’t know if the after-holidays, after-birthday blahs have finally set in or what, but all I have wanted to do this week is bury myself under every blanky I can find. I need a big gust of I-can-make-it-through-winter to sail me on through February. By then the days usually begin to get a little less dark and I can see the teensiest possibility that Spring will start to peek its head over the horizon. . .

There’s a decidedly warming bent to the COOL STUFF list this week:

7 Hot Toddies! I want to try them ALL.

A Hot Toddy for your body. (I should start a rhyming biz. ‘Cuz I’m such a rhyme wiz. hahahaha.)

The perfect hot drink for Valentine’s Day. (and kid friendly!)

The perfect treat for a cold winter day.

Little Oven has wonderful macarons; their Café Sampler looks so great for Valentine’s Day.

A Little Box of Valentine Cookies.

I heard this rumor and I am shaking with excitement. You have NO IDEA my love for this mag.

Found a new blog via Facebook. Momestery. Amazing. This post. And this one.

Suffering from Pinterest inadequacy? (Not me. I revel in my laziness. I’m there for the pretty pix.)

We got a new Facebook badge! Come love us! I’ll settle for ‘like’ actually -- I get excited about the little things. . .

Cool Book of the Week: ‘The Adventures of Strawberry Shortcake and Her Friends’ by Alexandra Wallner and Mercedes Llimona, in honor of my Strawberry Shortcake rant the other day.

Strawberry Shortcake book
This one is my own book from my childhood and THIS is how Strawberry Shortcake should appear – sweet, adorable and oh so darling. Not looking like she’s about to step into a nightclub. It has a fair amount of text, so I’d say for grades K through 4. More cuteness than you can handle about Strawberry and her pals trying to protect their berries from some nasty Berry Birds.

Have a lovely last January weekend! Julia’s off to a birthday party, what oh what will I do with the two hours of free time? Probably hide under my blanky!


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