January 17, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

I’m a big fan of celebrating any holiday that strays across my path, and the Chinese Lunar New Year is one of my favorites. This year it falls on January 23. I enjoy this New Year celebration more than the traditional New Year! I think what really appeals to my clean-everything mentality is the tradition of cleaning one’s house from top to bottom to discharge the old year’s bad luck and make everything ready for the New Year’s good fortune. (Note: I’m not really doing this.) Also, my birthday is usually right around Chinese New Year and it seems to make my annual aging extra festive for me.

Also, if one follows Feng Shui at all (Be QUIET Andrew. I can hear you in my thoughts already.), you are not supposed to wash your hair on the day of Chinese New Year’s and it’s thought lucky to move 16 things in your home to new locations, to rid your home of built up stagnant energy. (Andrew is shaking his head for real.) I’ve already moved my art around and I’m planning on no hair washing! Also, don’t use any scissors or needles. You can find more feng shui Chinese New Year customs here.

2012 is the year of the Water Dragon! So here are a few books to help you celebrate the Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Yr5
‘D is for Dancing Dragon: A China Alphabet’ by Carol Crane and Zong-Zhou Wang. I MUST get my hands on this one for Julia – she’ll love it! Check it out: “Children will learn, for example, that paper, ink, printing, umbrellas, kites and fireworks are all Chinese inventions. They'll find the secrets of how silk is made, how chopsticks work and why you should never cry on the Chinese New Year's Day.”

Chinese new Yr6
Chinese New Yr7
‘My First Chinese New Year’ is PERECT for the under-4 crowd! Adorable, I love this book for tiny tots. Karen Katz is a wiz at making the first life experiences of children Big & Important.

Chinese New Yr4
‘Lanterns and Firecrackers’ by Jonny Zucker and Jan Cohen is a non-fiction, lift-the-flap that details a Chinese New Year dinner, followed by a dragon dancer parade and a colorful array of lanterns.

And speaking of dragons. . . you can find really a really cute one to make and other awesome Chinese New Year crafts here.



  1. Noe just learned "Gung Hay Fat Choy" at school! Andrew would't last a day in my house, there's new salt water cures and all kinds of crazy feng shui that happens right now!

  2. Salt water cures? I need to find out more about this....~Melissa