March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy’s Day and Welcome to my Blog!

So, I have a serious obsession with kid's books, kid's decor and interesting, cute cool things for children. And I can't buy, you know, everything I see (or so my hubby tells me) so by creating this blog, I get to talk about my favorite topic in the world and show you all the cool stuff I run across so that YOU can check it out too, instead of just me!!! I figure I might as well put my internet trolling/addiction/black hole time suck to good use.

Books are MAJOR in our home. Julia has a rubber gecko lizard that she adores, his name is "Local Library."


We bought our house because it has a lot of wall space for bookshelves. Besides the ones shown below we have a room devoted solely to MORE BOOKS! I love you Ikea Expedit. I'll show a picture of you tomorrow.

A visiting friend came and saw all of Julia's books and said, "I have never seen so many children's books in a home before." We figured putting her books in the closet was a good use of space....

Here's what is on the plate for today:

That's What Leprechauns Do

Boo, Ari and Col are three naughty leprechauns, on their way to hide their pot of gold. Serious biz. No mischief allowed. But along the way they manage to paint a cow's hooves scarlet, tie an old man's long johns into a knot and put a tennis ball into a bird's nest to fool passersby that it is an egg. They throw raindrops at each other and eat rosehips. Cute and silly, with fun watercolor illustrations that actually look Irishy. (my husband Andrew says that is not a word. I say it is. My blog, I win.)

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