Miss Flora McFlimsey’s Valentine

January 30, 2012

‘Miss Flora McFlimsey’s Valentine’ by Mariana (just one name!) is a pink pretty pile of Valentine perfection. I own the Flora McFlimsey Easter book; I never knew there were more until just recently, when my sweet Julia brought this one home from the school library! I’ve told you before, the kid finds the BEST books, all on her own!

The rundown is that a sweet dolly named Flora McFlimsey has a not so sweet cat, Pookoo. Pookoo is a bit of a punk. (I am obsessed with his name so I am going to use it as many times as I can.) At first, Pookoo is not on board with Flora’s plans to make a Valentine’s post office for their woodland friends. But Pookoo soon learns the error of his ways. Pookoo learns a valuable Valentine’s lesson. Pookoo decides giving is better than receiving. Pookoo becomes less of a punk.

And that there is a lesson for us all this Valentine’s Day:


(Image Credit: book jacket cover via openlibrary.org.)


  1. I like that... I'm going to make that my creed for the next couple weeks.

  2. I try to remind myself of this Very Important Message daily....with varying levels of success :)

  3. Unfortunately, these 80s reprints really botched the illustrations. The original editions had simple but beautiful watercolour pictures (Mariana was an accomplished illustrator who also did some of the classic Little Bear books). The 80s editions had the same images but re-drawn in a amateurish style. Since the pictures are otherwise basically the same, I'm not sure why they re-drew them but I'm going to guess that royalties were somehow involved.

    1. I own the Easter Bonnet book and my copy is from the early 70's, cuz that's when I was little! :) And the art is GORGEOUS! This one here was a library copy and I did notice that there is a bit of difference in the luster of the art. That's really interesting! I do wonder why the art had to be recreated? You're prolly right about royalties being a factor.....bummer!


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