January 10, 2012

Paper Snowflakes

The stick tree lives on! We removed the Christmas ornaments and made a ton of snowflakes, (Andrew is the best at cutting them out OF COURSE.) which we then brushed with glue and sprinkled on icy, shiny, glitter. It’s literally called ‘Shaved Ice’ glitter. I love it SO MUCH! I got it at Paper Source, and sadly, they appear to be out of it. But they do have Silver Crushed Glass glitter!
Next month it will be pink and red hearts with pink and white glitter. I’ve decided I only want to do crafts that involve glitter. Glitter makes me feel so much better about my crafting ineptitude. Glitter makes everything OK.

A really fun, basic craft for winter. We spent a whole weekend morning doing this and just had the best time, until Julia told me to stop trying to put more glitter on her snowflakes. I love my stick tree even more now! I am obsessed with this thing.


  1. Winterful. I need one of these!

  2. I see a Cohen star hoilday snowflake...wo hoo!!

  3. @Burgin: I think I like Winterful even better than Winterific!

    @Tats: Yes! Yes you do!! You guys do the BEST cards, hands down, end of story. ~Melissa

  4. You know you've used too much glitter when your little girl tells you to back away from her snowflakes. ;)

  5. HA HA HA! It's true, I may have a slight glitter problem. Half the jar is gone. :) ~Melissa