January 26, 2012

V is for Valentine

Yes! The sugar pink heart day is coming! Isn’t this Valentine Treat Box just the cutest? I historically haven’t paid too much attention to Valentine’s Day; I never placed a great deal of Romantic Importance on it – everything is so crazily overpriced, the flowers, the restaurants – seems a bit silly to me. But I do think of Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to pretty things up, eat chocolate (I had a chocolate party once, it was super fun and I really should do it again.) and PINKIFY one’s life for a little bit? With THAT idea I can get on board!

As usual, one of my favorite online shops, Magic Cabin, has more Valentine goodness than I know what to do with…

Heart Garland, $21.98.

‘The Very Special Valentine’, $15.95.

Memo Hearts Game, $14.98.

Meri Meri Set of 21 Fairy Valentine Cards, $17.98.

Another favorite source, Eeboo, has some really delightful cards:

Eeboo Valentines Card Sets, $5.95. (Genius babies had better pricing than Magic Cabin, which also sells these. But if you want the Candy Collection, they are only available at Magic Cabin.)

And look at this darling Valentine gift bag I found from PicoCrafts on Etsy:


I adore these Cavallini Vintage Valentine Postcards, aren’t they the sweetest?


As much as I admire all of these lovelies, we’ll probably be making our usual pilgrimage to Target to pick out whatever is floating Julia’s boat this year (Last year I think she chose monster-themed Valentines.) And soon we’ll be decorating the stick tree in a Valentine theme, can’t wait to get that ready. I’ve already been cutting out construction paper hearts. It’s very meditative for me!


  1. Those vintage valentines are too cute!
    My daughter has a "boyfriend";Milo Moffit and he has an English accent........oy!

  2. @Tats: That is beyond adorable! That name sounds like it came straight from Children's Literature!


  3. We checked out the book from our library--it's on my list for friday. :)

  4. Which one sweet V? The Flora one? Or Hug Time? Coolness! ~Melissa

  5. Doh. Did you mean the one shown up above? I'm clearly bewildered by all this Valentine goodness!

  6. I was considering sending Valentines this year, but after so many holiday cards in December, I decided my hand needs a break. But I love what you've found here. Maybe I'll send a package or two to friends just because.

  7. Ah Miss Brandi, my favorite thing on this little list are the Valentine house treat boxes! You could could send your pals love packages :)

    You know, for the past couple of years, I've been terrible about sending out holiday cards. I think maybe I should get on the Valentine card wagon instead! So many Christmas cards, but not very many Valentine cards, am I right? ~Melissa