January 23, 2012

Winter at Our House

You’ll notice there are no shots of ME outside! I prefer to be cozy INDOORS. With my Victoria magazine. (I did venture out to take these photos. And then I ran back in after 15 minutes, that’s about all it took for me to lose feeling in my fingertips.)

Julia made snowmen, snow angels, and snow chairs. And she super loves sledding! Andrew made a snow sphinx and stood in front of the garbage cans to prevent kids from taking them out with their heads. Speaking of Andrew, he has held onto his ‘Decembeard’ – now he is celebrating ‘Januhairy’.

The vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls were my gift to Julia for Christmas; I found them on Ebay. I’m trying to pin down Blueberry Muffin; she’s a bit tougher to find with her hat and shoes, and strangely more expensive. The ones I've shown here are Apple Dumplin' and Raspberry Tart -- they get shown because they still have their fruity smell. Sadly, the Strawberry Shortcake doll we got has lost her smell! It's such a disappointment, but I guess 30 years in a box will do that to a dolly.

So, after the snow, we dealt with freezing rain and lots of ice. This week is a return to more typical Pacific Northwest grey blah; the thaw began over the weekend. Everyone emerged from their homes after staying inside for about a week. Really not sure what Washingtonians would do with an entire winter of snow and ice. The entire area SHUTS DOWN. So many hills. So many inept drivers. (I’m one of them so I can make that joke.)

 ‘The Missing Mitten Mystery’ by Steven Kellogg is one I ordered from the library – we LOVE it! “Do you think my mitten got tired of being a mitten?” Cute for ages 3-6.

(Oh and Happy Chinese New Year! It's today!)


  1. Vintage Strawberry Shortcake is WAAAAAY better than Contemporary Strawberry Shortcake. I can't believe Apple Dumplin' and Raspberry Tart still have their smell after all these years! I can still remember the smell of my Strawberry Shortcake doll... aaaaaahhhh. :)

  2. Michelle, as I was writing this I realized I had such strong thoughts about the vintage vs new Strawberry Shortcake issue that I have to do a whole post about it. I bet you totally know what I'm going to say. !!!!! :) ~Melissa

  3. Hapy new year!!!

  4. Gung Hay Fat Choy back at ya missy! :) ~Melissa

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I must admit to having a bias toward vintage toys. Most of their contemporary counterparts are made so poorly. Master W. received a Fisher Price garage for his second birthday and the elevator (which is a shadow of the one made when we were kids) hardly works and the plastic feels flimsy. Now the Fisher Price garage that my in-laws saved from when my husband was a boy - that thing rocks! The elevator is awesome (I guess we didn't worry as much about kids getting hurt with their toys back then) and the garage itself has stood up to little boy play for years.

    Ummm... I'm stepping off my soapbox now... ;)

  6. Agreed, the original Strawberry Shortcakes are MUCH better than the tacky new ones! And that's so funny that Blueberry Muffin is more expensive than the others. Must be her designer accessories...

  7. LOVE that lake photo! Beautiful. -Auntie L

  8. The new ones are just horrid Miss B, I am in total agreement. . .

    Thank you Auntie!!!

  9. Andrew says that he took that lake photo. I say he needs to do a blog post if he wants photo credits... :) ~Melissa