February 1, 2012

At Night


A couple weekends ago we had an indoor camping expedition to the. . . family room. Such adventurers we are! Julia slept on her old toddler bed mattress, I slept on the sofa (very comfy FYI) and poor Andrew was in his sleeping bag on the floor. He wasn’t feeling super spry in the morning. I think only small kids and my father are totally comfortable on the floor.

I’m a night owl, totally. I haven’t been on speaking terms with the morning for at least a couple of decades. One of the more shocking aspects of parenting for me was when I discovered that children are not only extremely bouncy and talkative in the morning (at least mine is), but that they seem to expect YOU to talk to THEM. Come again?

While cheerful-and-bouncy-in-the-morning will be forever out of reach for me, I think I can manage polite civility when a certain someone who is somewhere between the ages of 5 and 6 and who shall remain nameless, manages to avoid screaming in my face first thing upon my awakening. Things run more smoothly that way. I’m patiently patiently plotting my revenge for her teen years, when all she wants to do is sleep in until 10 am. . . tee hee. I’m going to have such fun!

So back to our coSy night. (remember how I strongly asserted that cozy is cozier spelled with an ‘S’) It inspired me to snap pictures of a few of our favorite nighttime reading books: ‘Little Bear’s Friend’ and ‘A Kiss for Little Bear’. These books are mine. As in they are from my childhood and have survived my smudgy finger years to become Julia’s books. (I like to think my hands are a bit cleaner now. Andrew would say that they aren’t.) We’ve been reading them together since she was three. And now she can read them on her own. The feeling that comes from her reading the actual books that I read when I was little is. . . amazing.


  1. We love Little Bear over here. And I love that you have been able to pass down some of your very favorite books to your little sweetie. My folks still have some of our favorite childhood books at their house. And when Miss C. turned 3 my mom gifted her all of my (and my brothers') old read-along books and cassettes. I completely agree with you - it's incredibly amazing to see my children enjoying something that I enjoyed as a girl.

    As to the early wake-ups, you completely cracked me up. Both of mine usually sleep until 6 a.m. Any later and I feel as though I got to sleep in! LOL After nearly five years of early wake-ups, I'm slowly becoming more of a (gasp!) morning person. If you'd told be before I had kids that someday I'd be grateful to sleep until 6:30 or 7, I'd have said you were crazy. My how things change!

  2. It totally surprises me Michelle, how many people have NOT read 'Little Bear'! I sort of felt silly for talking about it because I think of it as the most basic book of childhood :)

    OOH. 6 am. That's early! I have some pals whose kids are 5:30 or 5:45 AM risers! Julia usually is up between 6:30 and 7. Every once in awhile 7:30 and I feel like I've been given a priceless gift! :)

  3. Melissa, sometimes my son wakes up as early as 5 a.m. EEK!! I should admit now that I'm not at my best that early in the morning. Miss C. used to do that too at this age. There must be something about being 2...

    I was thinking about your post today when I remembered something that I had blogged about ages ago. My mother wrote, illustrated and bound a book for (and about) me when I was a little girl. I scanned all of the pages and posted them on my blog once... I thought you might enjoy reading it. :) Here's the first part: http://littlepeanutshop.blogspot.com/2008/12/handmade-tale-part-1.html. The rest of the book can be found in the next two posts.

  4. what a fun idea! I love your dollhouse of amazingness in the living room--makes me think about adding onto our three room one....

  5. @Michelle! I can't wait to go check that out, how amazing that your mom did that for you!

    @Vanessa: thank you oodles :) Sometime I gotta take it completely apart -- several rooms have ripped wallpaper and need re-doing -- it's so funny, we go loooong periods of not playing with it but just today Julia and I played with it for a good long while. I imagine that it's Downton Abbey with the servants on the lower levels and the fancy folk upstairs...I've been playing dollies with an English accent...