February 6, 2012

Birthday Inspiration

I wanted to show you a few birthday things that I received a few weeks ago. (You can read my angsty birthday post here.) I found some grand inspiration from the cards I got and was so blown away, I wanted to share. . .

Look at the bottom right picture – Julia made me some art! I asked her to do it. My only request was “no white space”. Otherwise, she did it all on her own. Andrew bought a small canvas and some acrylics in colors Julia requested and let her go to town – I ADORE IT and I think I will never buy art again – I’ll just let my kiddo make it for me!

See the GORGEOUS Happy Birthday card up top left? The fox and the owl? Too fabulous! One of my best friends sent it to me and I was so impressed with this darling card, that I looked on the back to see if there was info on the company who made it. (She found it on Maui, in a spot I assert has the best shopping on the island. Read more here.) Here’s the back of the card:

I discovered that the card was designed by Petite la borde and there is a website!

Isn’t this one darling?

Petite card1

And this one?

Petite card 2
I wasn’t feeling tiptop during all our snow and my sweet neighbor dropped the kitty get-well card by on my doorstep. This card came from Victorian Greetings and there are so many PRETTIES there. The art looked familiar:

P1010320 (2)
Beatrix Potter! On the back of the card, it said that the art comes from a book called ‘The Fairy Caravan’ – well, I’d never heard of this one by Miss B., so I had to look it up. Seems that the story about a pig who runs away to join a traveling circus is aimed at older school age children and is longer in length (225 pages) than her books we’re all more familiar with. I’ve got to get it!

the fairy caravan
I’ve been hankering after ‘Falling Cloudberries’ by Tessa Kiros for awhile – finally got it! IT’S GORGEOUS. I collect cookbooks, so I’m stoked on a book even if I don’t cook from it too often, but you may have a different mindset on such matters. This one has exotic recipes from Scandinavia, Greece and South Africa. . .

Apples for Jam
I don’t know if it’ll get a ton of heavy everyday usage but there are some delightful sounding treats that I’ll be making and the whole book is just a work of art; the photography alone makes it worth having. Now I want ‘Apples for Jam’; the reviews are VERY enthusiastic.

Fascinating what you can find out from a card, yes?


  1. I love that Beatrix Potter card! We have a serious love affair with B.P. going on here. I MUST get a copy of that book for when Miss C. is a little older. :)

  2. Love the cards, they are adorably cute!!

  3. Julia's Artwork is absolutely fantastic... I'd commission one :)

  4. @Michelle: Me too, me too! I gotta get this book! I feel like I won some prize, finding out about an unknown-to-me BP book :)

    @G4Crochet: thank you much -- And very happy you stopped by to say good morning to us today!

    @Robyn: Julia charges a very small commission fee -- and I take 99%, ha ha ha ha. :) Have a fab Monday!

  5. The owl and fox card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I know!!!!! My friend who gave it to me is going to be so happy that we all love it so much!

  7. I have bought "Apple for Jam" and cannot wait to cook or bake from it - everything looks amazing!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog, so now I could know yours!


  8. Happy Happy Monday, love all the cards, and most of all Julia's fine art!!!

  9. Happy (belated?!?) birthday to you! Looks like you got some special treats!

  10. @Tats: Happy day to you sweet one, thanks again so much for the lovely birthday card!!!

    @Miss B: many thanks! It was in January. Can't decide if having my b-day then makes that most dismal and dreary of months more or less dismal and dreary. ;)

  11. @Patricia! Yay! You have that book?? Now I KNOW we are going to be Very Good Friends indeed. Make something SOON and post the recipe!! :)

  12. Wow! it looks like it was the best kind of Birthday! I really like cook books too and my grandmother in law is the same way so whenever I go to visit we look through them all and admire the pretty pictures together...and then she makes something great and I pretend like someday I will make something great and it is soo fun! Ugh and that card it just the BEST! so fun thanks for sharing!

  13. Thank you Miss Bonnie! I love that bit about pretending to make something great, tee hee -- 90% of my cookbook reading is prefaced with the thought "Someday....." :)