February 22, 2012


I wonder how many versions of ‘Cinderella’ exist in the world?

Hilary Knight is one of my favorite illustrators – I wrote about the work he did in my ‘When I Have a Little Girl’ post. He did the art in my most beloved books of my childhood – the ‘Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’ series. He’s responsible for ‘Eloise’. He’s the bees knees. (rhymes with Eloise, JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN’T CATCH THAT!)

I love this quote from a reviewer on Amazon about Hilary Knight, it’s so spot on:
“If you're a fan of Hilary Knight's artwork (and if you're not, you ought to be), you will definitely want this book.”
So when I got wind of the fact that he did his own version of ‘Cinderella’ – well I had to get my hands on that one. And I did. Get my hands on it. And it’s charming and sweet and awesome! And BLUE. I love this decidedly blue-tinged rendition of this most classic of fairy tales! The sad bits are not-so-sad in this one.

You should go get your hands on it too.

Mr. Knight also did a version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, which I haven’t read. . .YET.


  1. I thought it was about time I came by and said "hello" :) I absolutely love, love, love children's picture books, if you couldn't already tell. I have written (but alas not yet published) some of my own. Cinderella will always have a special place in my heart. I have never seen this illustrator, but love what you posted. I grew up in Hawaii and Yeh Shen, the Chinese version was also a favorite of mine.

  2. Those illustrations are gorgeous. Is it wrong to want her dress? :)

  3. @Hi Aly!! So thrilled you came over to say hi! You grew up in Hawaii as well??? COOL! Which island? I thought about mentioning Yen Shen, which is believed to be one of the first Cinderella stories. You have to let me know when your book is published, I'd love to see!

    @Michelle: Wouldn't it be so lovely to have a dress like that? I really loved the illustrations in this version, I renewed this several times from the library...

  4. Blue is my favorite color! I'm always on the lookout for more fairy tales, I love to get as many different versions of the same fairy tale as I can. I hope you've got a whole bunch of "three billy goats gruff" to share. That's my favorite, tho I guess it isn't a fairy tale, more of a fable... anyway

  5. Oh we love 3 Billy Goats Gruff! I think it's definitely a fairy tale :)

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  7. Hilary Knight is wonderful! I need to track his fairy tale books down. (And I'm finally attempting to comment here instead of Pinterest. Hi! - Danzel B.)

  8. This is such a sweet blog! I'm smitten : ) Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments - they always make my day!

    xoxoxo fallon

  9. @Danzel: Yay! We can chat here too! Love it!

    @Fallon: Hey girl! (I sound like Ryan Gosling. THAT'S AWESOME!) Very happy to have you come over here to say hello. Thanks again for turning me on to the Rita Konig site!

  10. Well lovely Melissa! I just came over because I don't think we ever thanked you for putting us on the sidebar of PSF and I saw that we are on it here too! Now I am feeling so flattered and also like a big jerk for not saying thank you sooner--SOONER! THANK YOU!! I would send you a bouquet of unicorn poop if I had the horsepower to do so :0)

  11. Oh no thanks needed, my goodness! I put the blogs I want to keep track of over there so I can see when they've been updated so I'm always in the loop on fun cool stuff! I love your fun cool stuff!

    Have you heard my master plan? Some year, you guys and me and Vanessa, let's go to Alt Summit! It shouldn't be too far for you guys?? Salt Lake City. I refuse to go by myself. And then we can say YAHOO -- BOOK BLOGGERS IN DA HOUSE!

  12. What fun that would be! Yes, its right by Robyn! Alt summit huh? What a nice master plan that is!

      You know,we might need to work on our cool image blogger slang a bit before we go :)

  13. I just saw that exchange and must add a few fun facts...
    1- the four of us going to the Alt Summit in SLC is such a fantastic mater plan! Wow, I love it!
    2- I've been talking to whit about figuring out a conference to attend together for a while now (trapper really wants me to go learn how to blog...haha, truth is I really have a ton to learn.)
    3- Whitney & I (tho best of friends) have not actually seen eachother in real life in nearly a decade.
    4- ok... I really really hope we make this happen!

  14. Are you serious??? Y'all haven't seen each other in 10 yrs?? Oh we must rectify this stat. Vanessa is totally up for it. I'm thinking 2013 or 2014 FO SHO -- how's that for my hip lingo!

  15. I'm in! Whenever works for everyone else is great... gosh it's not far for me. Much more difficult for everyone else to make it happen.

  16. His illustrating is beautiful, a very fairy like Cinderella
    Cinderella is my favourite fairytale :)
    Kat x

  17. I agree Kat! A very fairy-esque Cinderella!

    Your comment left me wondering, what is my favorite fairy tale? I think 'The 3 Bears'(I've seen so many darling interpretations) and 'The Snow Queen' -- quite on different ends of the spectrum!