February 17, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like – the Health List

So I don’t know what it is about this time of year specifically, (Uh, winter I guess?) but this seems to me to be the primo sick time of year for folks. Stomach virus has been running rampant where we live and this is definitely the time of year when we get the sickies, much more so than autumn. I don’t have any intention of debating anyone (I do that enough with Andrew when he looks at the latest health supplement I’ve brought home and pronounced it sugar water.), but I do feel strongly that foods can heal and that there are many herbs and wonderful things in nature that can complement Western pharmaceutical medicines.

(LEGAL DISCLAIMER: yes, I feel compelled to say this – Anything you read here is NOT INTENDED TO BE MEDICAL ADVICE – I run every herbal or alternative supplement past Julia’s pediatrician before giving it to her and get the doc’s ok first – always read your ingredient labels carefully and check for allergies!)


Julia LOVES this ‘Just For Kids Organic Cold Care’ tea – its got elder flower, chamomile and peppermint and after I add honey to it, she just drinks it in one fast gulp.

I make this carrot-apple soup recipe often. It’s FANTASTIC.

Old Indian Syrup for Kids is amazing for constant non-productive coughing.

Natural Remedies for cold and flu.

Healthy Banana Oatmeal Smoothie!

Superfood Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette.

I love and adore Japanese Hot Springs Bath Salts when I feel run down. They tint the water!

I want to start adding Ginger Syrup to everything.

And I use this Ginger Drink all the time – it will CLEAR YOUR NOSE.

Julia takes these vitamins -- and so do I!

Healthy, easy food ideas for feeding your toddler. (I left a little recipe in the comments section!)

Hot Lemonade is really super awesome for colds.

This is the best Green Tea.

Cool Book of the Week: ‘I'm Really Ever So Not Well’ by Lauren Child. You know we love our ‘Charlie & Lola’ around here! Here, Lola doesn’t quite get why her snuffle is making her beloved pink milk taste not so great. Her illness does not prevent her from demanding every second of Charlie’s time and attention, however. This is one we own and it’s one of our favorite C & L books!

I'm Really Ever So Not Well (Charlie and Lola Series)
Have a lovely weekend! Stay healthy! Wish me luck in surviving Julia’s BIRTHDAY PARTY! I’ll share more about it next week.



  1. I hope Julia's party is perfectly sparkly! Have a great weekend!

  2. Okay, so much to say! First I totally missed yesterday's post! Happy Birthday Julia! Now then, Charlie and Lola, love them! We used to watch them all the time on disney (why are they gone? And now there is some weird show about cars shaped liked animals that talk in English accents-- I want Lola, Lotta, Charlie, and Marv back!!!) Sorry, got out of hand there. I don't know about you, but I can't read one of those books without using and English accent. Anyway (I am so full of random information this week)if you're looking for more C&L paraphernalia we have a Charlie and Lola pink milk game! And Charlie and Lola giant dominoes! (I think I got them all from Target.com)

  3. Thanks Michelle! Hope I survive!

    Whitney, ooh I really want to play the C & L Pink Milk Game! How fun!