February 3, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

VALENTINE’S DAY STICK TREE YO! Do you love it? I love it! Can you tell I looooooove it? So here’s how this incarnation of the TREE o’ AWESOME went down – I got this really cute heart garland from Cost Plus World Market for 3 or 4 dollars, can’t remember, and I was going to artfully drape the garland along the branches and it was going to look OH SO DELIGHTFUL.

Except it looked NOT SO DELIGHTFUL. I could not get those hearts to artfully drape no matter what I did. All the hearts were hanging upside down. I had to make poor Andrew take his cereal into the other room because I kept spinning the silly thing and was worried I was going to poke him in the eye. So finally, I just CUT UP THE GARLAND and tied the hearts on individually. And then added a whole bunch more hearts. The stick tree is getting ornery. This month definitely gave me the most problems. Those silly sticks won’t stay put. I’m starting to love/hate the stick tree.

COOL STUFF will make it allllllll better:

No I’m not a rep for Kusmi. I should be. Rose tea? Or Chocolate Tea? SPICY Chocolate tea?

Fairy tale Matryoshka dolls that tell a story – COOL.

We just read this Lotta book and this Lotta book. Julia and I both LOVED.

Want some color? Want some design? Then this book is for you!

This time, I almost passed out from laughter. Andrew laughed a lot and he never laughs at anything besides his own jokes.

The other day, I made French Onion Soup! It was awesome! Read all the comments for extra tips.

Strawberry Heart Oreos.

THESE ARE INCREDIBLE. (saw them featured on Apartment Therapy and my jaw dropped.)

Cool Book of the Week: ‘Hug Time’ by Patrick McDonnell. SO cute! SO sweet! A little cat explores the world and finds many things far and wide to which he can give a hug. The art will slay you.

Hug Time
Happy weekend! Love, kisses, pink, chocolate, hearts, joy, peace, empathy – Julia and I have been writing down lovey words on her little chalkboard. Pink and Chocolate = love in our house!



  1. I love those DIY houses! And while I've never seen Downtown Abby, I completely cracked up at the Beetlejuice reference. Have a great weekend Melissa!

  2. Oh Michelle, I know, the Beetlejuice ref just had me on the floor. Jenny is SO clever! I never would have thought of that! Or Sybil = Paddington Bear. HILARIOUS!

    Have a Grand weekend sweet M :)

  3. Those illuminated houses!!! and they don't even look dificult to make... well at first they did look like they would be, but then when I saw how you make them, I was amazed at the simplicity. really

  4. Like I say to anyone who will listen, my craft skills are SO limited, but I really long to be Martha S (without the intimidation factor) so much....these lanterns are so amazing I feel like I am going to have to PUSH myself (and get Andrew to help me) and make these -- they are so awesome!

  5. I love this heart tree. I must make one. :)

  6. Miss V, you know if I am doing a craft, it is EASY. It makes me happy whenever I walk into the room! :)