February 10, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

I’m going to assume that everyone wants to see my breakfast.  Oatmeal with walnuts and strawberries is totally awesome. Julia won’t touch that combo FYI. She gets xtra brown sugar and a drizzle of cream, because that kid needs every last calorie. I also assume that everyone wants to see Julia’s ‘Sugarbunnies’ cup. I got mine at the Hello Kitty store near us, but you can find a plastic one here and a ceramic one here. You’re very welcome!

Very Pink and Valentiney COOL STUFF this week:

(Warning -- I’m in one of THOSE moods. The weird ones. Wait, do I have any other kind?)

Want to see Sugardreams Etsy shop for more Sugarbunnies, Hello Kitty etc fantastic-ness? OK.

Want to see some different Sugarbunnies stuff? OK. We’re all done with Sugarbunnies now.

Want to see a really cute Valentine Picnic box?

You didn’t really think I was done with popcorn did you? Valentine popcorn!

Valentine Pizza! (we might do this for dinner on V-day.)

Heart Milk Cubes! Saw this via The Kitchn. Ikea has the heart ice cube molds.

Cute and easy Valentine Lunches.

You might be a blogger if. . . . (this was priceless from beginning to end.)

Cool Book of the Week: Remember my 'Moomin’ post recently? We also have ‘Who Will Comfort Toffle?’ It’s about a sad little friendless fellow who learns you have to TALK to people in order to make friends, and he finds his soulmate, Miffle. The Moomin books are so unique. There’s nothing else like them!

Lovely weekend to you! What are you doing? I’d really love to get to Le Cinema and see either ‘Chronicle’ or ‘The Woman in Black’. I asked Andrew if we could see ‘The Vow’ and he laughed hysterically.



  1. That picnic box is awesome! What a sweet idea for a little sweetie. :) We don't do anything for Valentine's Day around here (bad mommy!). Are you doing anything special for Julia?

  2. Well we already made our V-Tree so I feel like I'm done! :) I was going to make that Valentine Pizza I had on last week's list but she's having a pizza lunch at school that day -- I think we're gonna have turkey meatballs, which is her fav dinner. Her b-day is a few days after so we keep Valentine's pretty low key b/c her party is usually just around the corner!!!

  3. Andrew wants everyone to know that 1) xtra is actually spelled with an 'e' at the beginning and 2) I had the girly flower bowls before I met him.

  4. That looks like a breakfast i might like! Yum! Have a great weekend! Love your blog!! Would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think of my recent posts! Follow me, I follow you?!


  5. Hi Caitlin!! Just saw yo blog -- 1) woman, you're hot! and also haute? Get it? Hot and Haute? Yes, this really is my personality....and 2) I love it! You had me at the grilled cheese on raisin bread with apples, also loved your world tour photos! I'll be back for more!!

    much aloha to you! ~M

  6. Hello Melissa,

    I just wanted to pop over and give you a big smile. Just like that. Your breakfast looks delicious but,please, may I have a drizzle of cream and sugar too, please?

    When my head is a little more functional I have a book or two to run past you.


    ps Oooh, I am having a giveaway of a bookish nature in a few days. It should be to celebrate my sweet son's eighth birthday on 15th but may well be a couple of days later. I'll be too busy making birthday cakes!

    Warm wishes,


    ps It is SO cold over here...

  7. And now I am laughing at the fact I signed off twice.

    Go to sleep Stephanie.

  8. Oooh Miss Stephanie! I can't wait to see your giveaway! And I would love to chat books with you anytime :)

    Julia's birthday is on the 16th! I'll be making cupcakes (for school) and the World's Pinkest Cake for her party.