February 20, 2012

The Easiest Cupcakes

Let’s say you find out that you need cupcakes for your kiddo’s school and you TOTALLY FORGOT. Or let’s say you just REALLY TREMENDOUSLY want to make cupcakes, but even though you KNOW that measuring flour and creaming butter is NOT THAT HARD, it just seems like TOO MUCH EFFORT.

Let’s imagine all of those scenarios plus a million more.

I’ve always loved to bake and I do it a lot of the time, but not all the time. No matter what you read in cookbooks, let me share with you that A BOX MIX REALLY IS EASIER. Is it better? Nope. But I don’t think better is what we’re after here – I think we’re after easy and sanity preserving. The moments when you just cannot summon your inner Nigella no matter how much you try.

But. . . those box mix ingredients. So evil. And doctor after doctor and nutritionist after nutritionist has gone on record stating that there is basically no acceptable level of partially hydrogenated oils, which run rampant in the standard box cake mix. Like, it should never really be in our bodies. Oh dear. It has definitely been put in my body over the years! (This is sad for me because now I feel like I can't have Sara Lee Original Cream Cheesecake, which is the best cheesecake ever.)

So what then? This is what then. This mix. This box. No evil ingredients, no yuckies. Takes less than 10 minutes from package to into-the-oven.

I find Dr. Oetker mixes in the baking aisle of every grocery store I frequent, so I don’t think this brand is too hard to find. Just add sprinkles after you’re all done, because a cupcake without a sprinkle is a sad and lonely cupcake. Plus they make your teeth feel nice and gritty. We made the ones above for Julia’s birthday celebration at school and she decided that every sprinkle we owned should go on top of these little babies.


  1. I love Julia's philosophy on sprinkles. Her cupcakes were so bright and cheerful! I hope her party went well this weekend!

  2. I survived Michelle! I'm still standing!

    I have a lot of hilarious photos, which I will share when I get them all loaded and edited...imagine if you will a bunch of pink clad little girls basically jumping on each other and squealing for 2 hrs...that was our party. !!!!!

  3. i had to do the same thing the other day, but not for kids, but for a party. i made colored sugar and threw it on to look fancy

  4. Thanks Melissa, i will try that mix!!!

  5. @Elle: Colored sugar ROCKS MY WORLD!

    @Tats: Make sure to slightly underbake the chocolate mix Tats, it tends to dry out otherwise -- the vanilla mix is more forgiving for some reason. :)