February 21, 2012

Fairytale Finds

I could not believe my eyes when I saw these fairytale garden kits from ROMP the other day…SO darling! Such a great price point! Would these not be a perfect birthday party gift or Easter present? (Yes! it’s coming!)

fairytale garden2
The Princess’ Pea, $14.

Fairytale garden1
Fairytale garden3
Jack’s Magic Beans, $14.

In other fairytale news, I have to share my great love for some of my favorite fairy tale books.(Oh I have so many MORE…) I have so much fairy tale material I want to share, I’ve become overwhelmed and have sat on the project for 6 months. I’m just going to start rolling it out, little by little…

Fav Fairytale1
‘My First Fairy Tales’ by Tomie dePaola. LOVELY for toddlers! Julia adored this one!

Sleeping Beauty
‘Sleeping Beauty’ – Usborne First Fairytales. Also great for the littles. I am wild for the puppet art!

Fav Fairytales2
‘Mary Engelbreit’s Fairy Tales’ is one we’re currently enjoying from the library. I wish I owned it. Big, colorful, pretty pictures. The stories have been written in their most benign versions. Nothing to scare or intimidate here. Tons of stories, it’s big hefty book that is bargain priced at Amazon right now for $8!

Friends, I have more, more, more. It’s fairy tale time!


  1. Ooooh, those kits look so fun! I wonder if they're enchanted and prevent weeds? If only :0)

  2. Ha ha! I need something pretty darn industrial to come deal with my weed problem, it's a MESS out there!

  3. Swoon! There is a little fairytale magic going on, isn't there? Those kits are TOTALLY up my street, or should I say 'garden path'? Gardens and fairy tales; it doesn't get much better than that.


  4. @Stephanie: These do so remind me of something you'd like! I am really looking forward to spring and tons of lovely book & gardening tips and posts from you! :)

    @Ana: I think Miss Emma would LOVE these books!

  5. Oh baby I got more! But you know, I am realizing that a lot of my MOST favorite fairy tale books are for older kids -- like age 7-8 -- but basically I'm going to be on a fairy tale kick for the next MONTH :)