February 28, 2012

A Perfectly Pink Birthday

My daughter requested a Strawberry Shortcake doll theme for her birthday this year. (Next year, she wants a Pokemon party. She’s into collecting the cards now. She’s never seen the show or played the video game, mind you. Nothing like planning a year in advance!)

So I decided that if this was the theme, we were going PINK IT UP.

Pink balloons.

Pink party attire, if the kiddos wanted to wear it. (10 little girls? OF COURSE THEY DID!)

Pink milk.

Pink tea sandwiches (Strawberry cream cheese).

Pink ice cream. (Strawberry, but the kind with the most artificial color.)

AND THE PINKEST CAKE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. If you want to see more details and the recipe for the cake (OF COURSE YOU DO!), hop on over to Pink Sparkle Fun. It exceeded my pinkest strawberry dreams and my kid lost her mind over it.

So we wallowed and reveled in PURE PINK AWESOME.

(Note: Having parties in your house for relatively small children means that YOU are the entertainment. I think they were entertained by our games and whatnot, but oh the tiredness. The party was over a week ago and I still have not cleaned off our dining room table or taken down all of the balloons.)

(There’s Rosebud sneaking down the stairs. Andrew says our cats have mastered the art of photo bombing – which is when one skillfully manages to insert oneself into any given photo.)


There was a lot of hugging.

Hiding in balloons after the party is also fun! I think a good PINK time was had by all. You’d think that all this pink would have put me off pink for awhile. YOU’D BE WRONG.

(Note: To get the cute Strawberry Shortcake party supplies, instead of modern less-cute Strawberry Shortcake, I had to order most of it from Ebay. It all came quicker than quick and I got it for really great prices.)


  1. It looks like Julia and the girls had a blast. You did such a great job with theming everything!

  2. I love Julia's smiling eyes! I think baloons MAKE a birthday event. now to go see more about the cake...

  3. Thanks Michelle! It was a LOT of Strawberry Shortcake! I was also able to find Strawberry Shortcake plastic spoons and forks that were pink and red with strawberries on the handle!

    I so agree Robyn -- My main decorating thing for birthdays is.....LOTS OF BALLOONS!

  4. I was wondering about that original Strawberry Shortcake motif-- ebay huh? You're an on the ball mom!

    Hey, tomorrow I want to link to you photos of Julia hop skip and jumping, is that okay?

  5. Of course Miss Whitney! I'm ALL ABOUT linking! :)

  6. And thanks Whit! That law school education really comes in handy when it comes to research :) -- I will look for things past the point of common sense...:)

  7. Oh my goodness! Julia is so adorable! Honestly, I really should whisper this at the grand age of 43 pink is still my very favourite colour. This party is amazing and it's lovely to see snippets of your living space too. I am totally in awe of the amount of preparation involved and your honesty at the level of tiredness also!

    Strawberry Shortcake was one of my dream characters when I was a little girl.

  8. Ah Stephanie, at the grand old age of 42, my love for pink shows no signs of waning...:)

    My very favorite lunch box as a little girl was my Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox!

  9. Wait a minute Miss Millefeuilles -- weren't you making like 7 cakes for your son's birthday celebration or something like that?? Now THAT'S some level of preparation!! :)

  10. So cute! All the little girls look so happy and sweet. Love the pink!

  11. I will not be showing Noe that post!! Don't want her getting crazy ideas about having a birthday party at home!! You're brave!!!

  12. Lots of hugging = sheer love! :)
    What a lovely post, Melissa! She looks so happy! That is wonderful.
    I was just like her when I was her age - everything had to be pink. :)

  13. Patricia, I haven't grown out of my love for pink!!

  14. Happy birthday, sweet julia! Those balloons on the stairs are awesome and I love that cake. You did an amazing job, Melissa--I'm sure she will remember it forever. :)

    vanessa @ silly eagle books

  15. This is just too sweet. I love kids' parties!

  16. Thanks Miss V -- if she doesn't remember it, I WILL REMIND HER, tee hee...:)

    Danzel (I love your name BTW) -- Julia asked me why adults don't have fun birthday parties like kids do, and I realized I had no good answer. Why don't they??