February 2, 2012

Love Notes

You guys have to got try these if you haven’t already.

Julia has been doodling on her windows since last fall and I haven’t erased a thing. I went in the other day to wipe the slate clean so that she could draw some new pictures. As I looked at the window, I realized that in at least five different spots, she had written “Julia loves Mommy” in various places. She also “loves Dad” and her beloved kindergarten teacher, whose name she gamely tried to spell on her window as well.

So I took pix, wiped the window, and drew her a new love message on one side of the window. I left the other side blank so she can go back to drawing rockets and sun faces and more doodly-doos.

That morning she had actually been really sassy and naughty and I totally lost my temper with her. We hugged it out before she went to school, but let me tell you about the ache in my heart when I discovered all these ‘I Love Mom’ notes she had been putting on her window over the months.


  1. That's really sweet, great you took a picture to keep the memory safe too :)
    Kat x

  2. That makes me feel all mushy inside. Just the other day I overheard Miss C. telling Master W. that she loves him. My heart warmed up at least 10 degrees with that one. :)

  3. Oh my! this made my eyes misty. How wonderful is this? Beyond.

  4. p.s. I never got the invite :S

  5. @Kat: thank you! Pictures do preserve so many memories...

    @Michelle: Children = arrows to the heart.

    @Ana: you KNOW what I'm talking about right? I appreciate my mom's love so much now that I'm also a mom. Let me make sure I have the correct email on hand for you :)

  6. Okay- I think I need to promptly wash all the cat nose prints and dog paw marks off our windows and get my kids some of those window markers... (Though I will probably end up with less love notes and more creatures with their eyes x'd out- that's the 'thing' lately). Your pictures are so sweet- that's good mama payment

  7. Ha ha ha Robyn! I've always been suspicious of Draw on Your Walls! Your Bathtub! Your Window! Your Clothes! products, but these really are great and wipe off clean as a whistle with glass window cleaner. They are so fun :)

  8. So Melissa, has she tried them on any other surfaces? We have one grafitti tot around here who is very wall oriented---let me put it this way, whoever originally made the statement 'the writing's on the wall' had obviously been at my house just before they came up with those words of wisdom. Perhaps I'll wait a couple years to get these. Glad you are having such luck with them, love notes from your kids are the best!

  9. No Miss Whitney, she hasn't tried to use them on anything else -- thankfully Julia isnt a deface-the-walls kid, even as a toddler -- she always prefers to inflict mental torture :)

    These crayons are JUST for the window but yeah, I would keep them away from happy grafitti toddlers! :) Does you kiddo love chalkboard?

  10. Sweet girl. :) we love those things, too!

  11. I wish they came in more colors!