February 13, 2012

Nourish Me Superfood

erika and boys 1
I found out about Dr. Erika Siegel via a Facebook friend and I pretty much badgered my pal to put me in touch with Erika so that I could beg/plead/pitifully ask for a sample of ‘Nourish Me’, her superfood supplement for children and adults. Last year was a BAD year for us, illness-wise. Julia contracted mononucleosis (Yes, small kids can get it! I had no idea.) AND walking pneumonia within a 3 month time span. During this time, I came down with a sinus infection and thought HOW is it possible that people routinely endure such things? I was flat on my back sick for a straight week.

So when I got wind of Erika, the superfood product she created, and read all the material on her ‘Nourish Me’ website, I knew I had to try it out.

Nourish Me
Here’s a quick rundown about the goodies that are in this YUMMYlicious tasting supplement:
  • acai
  • hemp seeds
  • sprouted brown rice protein
  • beet root
  • spirulina
  • acerola
  • dulse
  • probiotics
You can find even more details, pictures, food combination ideas in which to use ‘Nourish Me’, as well as testimonials from children (one kid likes to lick it plain off from a plate!).

We put ours in smoothies and not only did it turn the drink the most gorgeous purple hue (and what kid doesn’t love purple?), but the only difference I could discern was that the smoothie was extra delicious. My husband Andrew even asked me, “The smoothie tastes good today, what did you do to it?” (Was he thinking it was yucky before?? Ha.) The only thing I did differently was add the ‘Nourish Me’!
I also tried adding it to Julia’s applesauce, which she did not appreciate quite so much, but she is very very picky. I thought it tasted delicious. I think we’ll stick to adding it to smoothies, because all we could tell was that it tasted super fantastic.

Of course I also had to quiz Erika about her top book pics:
Market to Market
Among Erika’s favorites are ‘To Market, To Market’ by Nikki McClure. “Beautiful drawings.”

And ‘Skippyjon Jones’ by Judy Schachner, “Of course!”

Feeding Baby Green
Erika also loves ‘Feeding Baby Green’ by Alan Greene, M.D. “An inspiring and encouraging guide to getting a variety of foods in the diet.”

Feeding the Whole Family
As well as ‘Feeding The Whole Family: Cooking with Whole Foods’ by Cynthia Lair.

So guess what. KNOCK ON WOOD – super-icky-bad illnesses have seemed to pass us by thus far this season.. I’m hoping we can keep riding this health wagon until summer. . . (Last year our illnesses hit in the spring. So I feel like I have to keep vigilant about the staying well for a few more months!) Thank you Erika! You can visit Erika and learn more about ‘Nourish Me’ here.


  1. Thanks Melissa!! Did you know Maple syrup is a superfood?? Now I eat it daily..... guilt free!!

  2. I did not know Tats!:)

    But that's the only kind of syrup we eat! I grew up on Log Cabin, remember that stuff?? Ah.....I used to dislike the taste of pure maple syrup -- now I can't eat anything else!

  3. Interesting! We're not too good at remembering to take supliments but I'm intruiged...

  4. oh, and does it make your babies hair super duper curly... because that hair on those people in that photo is to die for! wow!

  5. Aren't those wee ones just THE CUTEST Robyn?? It's such a beautiful photo of the three of them, they are all so darling!

    Not sure about the Making-Your-Hair-Awesome qualities of 'Nourish Me' :) -- I think they were just genetically blessed! tee hee

  6. I love their hair, too. I will take the supplement for fabulous hair. :) Glad you are healthy and well this year!

  7. Knock, knock, knockity knock on wood! J has a slight snuffle right now but the big baddies that have plagued (plague get it? sorry.) us in the past haven't popped up thus far this year....I hope we get a pass, last year was more than Julia's fair share...