February 16, 2012

Now We Are Six

Now we are 6
My little baby is a baby no more. It’s been six years of life-changing fun, craziness, hair-pulling, tears and unspeakable joy. Her moods change by the second. Her emotions are. . .intense. And oh how silly she is! She just seems to be riding this existence a little bit MORE than the rest of us. So there’s more happy but also a lot more angst.

Some people just vibrate at a different frequency, you know? My husband, he is at a steady, low hum. Me, I’m at a high pitch followed by tones too faint to hear.

My kiddo is a full blown orchestra of sound and life.

Happy birthday to my sweetpea! Now she is six. (If you want to see more of A.A. Milne’s classic book of poems, ‘Now We Are Six’, click here or on the image.)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Julia!!! Have the best celebrations EVER. Melissa, I love your descriptions of the frequencies you all run on- they was perfect :)

  2. Happy birthday, Julia!

    Your post made me a little teary, Melissa. The way you describe Julia reminds me so much of my own Miss C. The intensity! The exuberance! She is such a joy and watching her grow has been such a bittersweet experience for me. I'm such a sentimental fool. ;)

    I hope Miss Julia enjoys a wonderful, super-sparkly day today!!!

  3. Hi ladies! I'm a sentimental fool too except I had to restrain myself from saying that right now the height of humor for Julia is anything involving the words 'pee' or 'poop' -- ok I guess I did it anyway!

    Today is off to a good start! Scavenger hunt for presents around the house, the rest of the pink Valentine pancakes for b-fast and hauling cupcakes off to school for special snack!

  4. Happy 6th Birthday to Miss Julia! What kind of cupcake treats does the Birthday Princess get this year? ~Auntie Laura

  5. I'm actually doing a cupcake post next week! :)

    I used a kind of mix that DOESN'T HAVE EVIL CHEMICAL CRAP in them :) -- I wasn't up for making homemade b/c I've got a whole cake to make for the PAR-TAY! xo

  6. Hau'oli la hanau, Julia! I love your beautiful description of your sweet girl. Just beautiful. I always describe Wyatt as a kid who likes to dive into the ocean of life...no toe testing there. Just goes for it and lives it fully.
    Here's hoping they always keep that joy and exuberance!
    Happy big SIX, Julia!

  7. Oh Laura I love that so much! 'Dive into the ocean of life...' -- how I wish I had that quality! I just don't and even as a kid I was sooooo cautious, always watching and waiting.

    The MOST fascinating thing to me as a parent is to watch the personality unfold. To know that these are people who are going to go out in the world someday and do things COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY from the way you or I would have done things.

  8. Happy Birthday JULIA!! I can't believe she is 6 already! I hope she has a wonderful day at school with her friends and has an awesome birthday party!
    Much love from Auntie and Uncle A-Team and baby J

  9. Auntie and Uncle A-Team, love it!!! She opened your gift this AM and ADORES it, she especially was thrilled to find those darling pencils inside!

  10. Happy Birthday Julia!!! Yes Melissa, your descriptions are beautiful!!

  11. Thank you Miss T so very very much!

  12. happy birthday to your sweet girl! I love your description of her--what a wonderful mama you are. :)


  13. Oh V what a lovely thing to say -- I think I'd like to print this out and show it to Julia every time she says "You are being so MEEEEAAAN to me!" (usually this phrase is uttered when TV is being turned off :)


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