February 14, 2012

Pink Sparkle Fun

Friends, I’ve got an extra special Valentine for you today! My Very Short Attention Span finally got the better of me and I thought that the internet didn’t have quite enough spam…so I created some more. Now all we need is for Andrew to start his shadow blog where all he does is mock mine and our world domination of silly blogging will be complete.

Behold the creation of our SECOND blog, Pink Sparkle Fun! Andrew created the banner, isn’t it LOVELY? In my very first post, I wrote about how Andrew said it looked like an Evite gone Terribly Wrong.

What is Pink Sparkle Fun, you say?  I think this blog would go down the tubes pretty fast if I was writing about Hello Kitty all the time, so we really needed another blog where we could write about:

Sugary Stuff

Hello Kitty

Cute Animals

Shiny, pink, sparkly, pretty

It’s gonna be shorter, sweeter and PINKER than this blog. So don’t be swayed by all the glitter and shiny over there. You still need to come here to get your daily dose of love from Melissa. But then you and your kidlet (It’s gonna be super kid friendly! No hot toddy jokes!) can go see the pretties over at Pink Sparkle Fun. That’s PINK SPARKLE FUN. Got it?

Go take a look! Come for the pink. Stay for the shiny.


  1. I love it! Count me in as a follower. Off to check it out... :)

  2. Thanks Michelle! I'm wondering what I was thinking really. But I have too much to say and show and unless I post 3 times a day here (hmm. a thought. ha ha, not unless I had a MUCH huger audience!) I had to start the other blog. We'll see how it goes!

  3. I'm oddly so jealous that you have a hello kitty store near you-- I say oddly because really, what is a grown woman doing evnying a hello kitty store?

  4. Don't feel odd Whitney -- how do you think Julia even knows about Hello Kitty? BECAUSE I INTRODUCED HER TO HELLO KITTY AS SOON AS SHE WAS OLD ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND WHO HELLO KITTY WAS -- I don't think she cares nearly for Hello Kitty as much as I do! My heart goes pitter-patter when I walk in the store...

  5. Those are from last summer. I think they are past their prime. Can I have a fish? Ha ha ha! Love your cute giveaway!

    1. Thanks :) I'm glad you like the fish- I was a bit nervous that people would just think I was super strange... And many probably still do!