February 15, 2012

Scenes from Valentine’s Day

I love how my sweetie wrote peace all over her Valentine’s Day card for me. I think we should all remember to go in peace on Valentine’s Day. Here I was thinking we were supposed to ‘go in chocolate’. I feel very shallow right about now.

Like that disgusting looking Red Velvet pancake mix? I tried to shut my eyes and not notice what was on the ingredient label list. Aren’t the pancakes a sight? We added mini-chocolate chips. I tried to make one into a heart shape and then gave up. My kiddo pronounced them “the best things I have ever tasted!” I found the mix at my primo holiday shopping source, Cost Plus World Market. And the Hello Panda cookies I have seen in a variety of places, Asian grocery stores, Target, Cost Plus and you can also order them online.

I was going to make this Valentine’s Pizza for dinner but J was having a special pizza lunch at school. So I made turkey meatballs, which is her all-time favorite dinner. What did y’all do? AND HOW MUCH CHOCOLATE DID YOU EAT?


  1. The highlight of my day was when I picked Miss C. up from school and the first thing out of her mouth was, "Mommy, I got so much candy!" She had four or five pieces of candy in her goodie bag and it was the most exciting moment EVER!

    Oh, and there was not nearly enough chocolate consumed in this household (is there really ever *enough* chocolate?). I only had one small bite. Seriously, what is this world coming to? ;)

  2. We spent the evening at home, but it was great. I loved my little handwritten valentines from Juliet, too. They are just so sweet. I love the "peace!"

  3. Isn't V Day a MILLION times more fun with kids??

    I actually ate ZERO chocolate. I'm very bummed. But I did make the little mini cherry hand pies that I saw over at Dinner, A Love Story and those were great! But next yr...chocolate.

    After I picked up J from school, she spent the whole ride home telling me how much she loved Valentines Day!

  4. It was Noe's first school Valentine's(she attended a Jewish pre-school) and it was so cute to come home and see her go through her card/candy bag, it was almost better than Christmas AND Halloween because it was her first time! Her class went around the neighborhood delivering cards at 8:15 in the morning, which she loved but i'm not so sure the neighbors did.

    Yes, Valentine's is much better with kids!

  5. So, shaped pancakes are a constant request at our house-- one time I poured some of the batter into my little "decorator bottle set" bottle ala pampered chef and it was much easier to make the shapes-- but I haven't tried it when the pancakes have add ins (like your did) which is another constant request-- I'm sure you're just thrilled to have all that info :)

  6. @Whitney: not only am I thrilled, I want to know more! I have no idea how to make shaped pancakes.

    @Tats: ALL DAY LONG J kept saying how much she loved Valentine's Day -- she loved delivering cards to her neighborhood friends, she loved our breakfast, she loved her party at school, she loved going thru the bag afterwards at home -- I think she liked it better than Halloween too! :)