March 12, 2012

Cherry Blossom Origami Lantern Tree

Whew. That was a mouthful! As some of you know, we’ve been decorating our ‘stick tree’ seasonally – I keep thinking “Ok NOW we’re going to put it away…” but then we get another idea for the next month. I think this spring incarnation is my favorite that we’ve done. (For more detailed peeks at the tree, go check out the pix at Pink Sparkle Fun.)

I thought that we would put it away definitely in the summer, but Julia doesn’t want to, and it’s become this THING, so I guess we’re going to keep going with it. After fall time, I’ll make a retrospective of all the ways we decorated the tree and make some sort of collage so no one around here forgets HOW DARN HARD MELISSA HAS WORKED ON THE STICK TREES. (The Valentine’s tree gave me the most trouble for some reason.)

Last spring, we made spring-esque Japanese lanterns that hung from our kitchen window. I loved them so, but didn’t want to do the same exact thing this year, so I made them mini-sized for our stick tree. I love these little guys even more than the ones we did previously! I’m going to direct you to last year’s lantern post to get the lantern making instructions.

I found the most beautiful origami paper at the craft store for about 3 dollars! And I have a ton left over. I might need to learn how to actually do origami.
Julia took her cherry blossom making job VERY seriously. And she had to work in her prairie girl bonnet. She made about a dozen cherry blossoms and then announced “You can do the rest Mommy.” I remember so fondly making tissue paper cherry blossoms in Hawaii when I was a little girl. It’s my dream someday to go to Japan to see the cherry blossoms there, which I know will be tourist central at that time, but I still want to go. . .

I have no explanation as to why Julia thought she needed to wear her prairie girl bonnet. But honestly, I think I really want to get one and wear it too. Why did awesome articles of clothing like this fall out of fashion? I would totally wear bonnets if not for the Andrew-mocking-me-factor. Oh wait, he does that even with my regular sun hats. Heck, I have nothing to lose by wearing a bonnet! How about dignity, you might be saying right about now. WHAT’S THAT?


  1. I think the lanterns are even better in miniature and this is by far my favorite stick tree you've made. And that bonnet! Julia looks so darn cute in it.

  2. I loved the snow flake one but this one is gorgeous!


  3. Cutest! Emma and I worked on a project for Cake last year. Called The Giving Tree. So much fun!

  4. Thanks guys! You cannot believe how atrocious the weather is right now, this little tree is the only thing remotely resembling spring right now...:)

    (I remember that tree Ana, it was GORGEOUS!)

  5. Sarah aka Miss Watersilk3/12/12, 9:14 AM

    I kinda want Julia's entire outfit (for myself)! The print on her pinafore looks familiar, I think someone gave Julianna a similar onesie ..

  6. Sarah aka Miss Watersilk3/12/12, 9:15 AM

    Also - the stick tree - did you make it?

  7. @Sarah: We did make the stick tree. Last fall we collected random sticks at the park and shoved them into vase (with paper towels at the bottom to prevent slippage, not too fancy :), and then I put some giant pinecones that came with my Christmas potpourri into the middle of the sticks to sort of anchor them and keep them from moving around too much.

    Also, the dress is from last yr and too short, which is why she now wears it as a "frock" over a shirt -- it's Osh Kosh, the line that is sold at Target, as opposed to the actual Osh Kosh store.

    I would totally wear her outfit! I would wear most of her clothes, it's a bummer to me that women's wear is so subdued most of the time...

  8. Your spring time tree is absolutely FANTASTIC! I love the paper lanterns and the blossoms! (I love that Julia made a dozen and then handed the job to you, sounds just like my kids)

    AND I must add... seeing Julia through your blogs just gives me such happy anticipation for experiencing childhood with my little Kit. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys. They are a BLAST... but doing all the girly stuff (aka wearing bonnets and such) is just going to be such fun.

  9. When I was preggo, I honestly did not care what flavor of baby I was having -- but when I found out we were having a girl, I suddenly did an inner happy dance! Of course, the GIRL DRAMA that goes along with all the Fun Girl Stuff is also it's own element of interesting...:)

  10. Oh yeah, we already have some of that going on now :)

  11. I think I saw this on pinterest earlier today before knowing it was yours!! beautiful! And also, juliet has a prairie girl bonnet that she has to wear from time to time. :) So cute. I love those lanterns.

  12. Thank you Miss V! Oh yeah, I couldn't pin this fast enough, I was so dang proud of myself. I'm a great believer in patting oneself on the back. :)

    I think WE ALL need prairie girl bonnets, yes??

  13. The tree turned out wonderfully!! Thanks for sharing the link.

  14. Thanks Gabrielle! We love it so. :)