March 16, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like


Ok usually I like to use a shot from our life on my Friday Cool Stuff posts, but I saw these pictures on the French blog, The Cherry Blossom Girl, and I KNEW THAT THE UNIVERSE WAS SPEAKING TO ME. Like, Hello Kitty was literally sending me a message of some kind. I'm not sure what that message is exactly, but the fact that these two photos were found in the same place and were taken at the same time...WELL IT MEANS SOMETHING, RIGHT???

Tell me what it means. I have to know.

While I ponder this mystical sign of EXTREME FAB, I'll also share some COOL STUFF:

Come see our new Facebook Timeline cover! (and 'like' it while you're there!)

Is this good or gross? I say good. Guess what Andrew says.

My friend emailed this EPIC LETTER OF AWESOME to me. (Unicorns are mentioned.)

I like this Blue Plaid Loop Scarf that I saw on Poppytalk.

Andrew and I just got into Portandia. (yeah.) 

And Andrew sent me this. I think he should do a Cool List. This cat looks JUST like Sally!

I was going to do a post on this, got lazy, and here's a link instead. Nigella's Spring Green Pie.

Cool Book of the Week: On March 1, a newly released Astrid Lindgren book (Pippi Longstocking author) was published, 'In The Land of Twilight'. I have never seen it, but I'm getting it: 

"Goran has an injured leg and he gets bored spending so much time in bed. But when his mother turns out the light at dusk, Mr Lilyvale knocks on the window and takes him to the Land of Twilight. Goran and Mr Lilyvale walk and fly around Stockholm when people from the daytime world are sleeping. Goran drives a tram and a bus. It doesn't matter that he has a bad leg in the Land of Twilight. They eat candy that grows on trees in the park, play with bear cubs and meet a moose. They even visit the King and Queen in the royal palace. At the end of their journey each night, Mr Lilyvale takes Goran home just before his mother comes in and turns on the light. This delightful story about the power of the imagination is set in a magical version of Stockholm, and painted in beautiful twilight tones." -- Amazon book description.

Have a lovely weekend and St. Patrick's Day! I never had corned beef & cabbage until I was in my '30's, can you believe? Now each year we do the whole deal, Irish Soda Bread (here's the recipe Andrew uses) and the corned beef. So awesome!



  1. So much cool stuff to respond to this week!

    1. Hello Kitty is definitely telling you something... "Melissa, I received a report recently that you haven't met your buying quota for the month. A Hello Kitty waffler or Hello Kitty cupcake machine should do the trick..."

    2. I'm with Andrew on the peanut butter and banana concoction. I loove peanut butter but bananas and I aren't friends.

    3. Love that letter! :)

    4. Those cupcakes are adorable, though at first glance I thought they were supposed to look like lollipops.

    Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! :)

  2. Oh I think you are on to something, I DON'T have a cupcake maker! I need one!

    I thought those cupcakes were lollys too! So cool that the lolly is the topper!!!

    Happpy St Paddy Day to you! We bought a box of Lucky Charms to start the day off with...:)

  3. That cat video's great!!! And the girl has your laugh!
    I recently saw a squirrel do the same amazing trick trying to flee my daughter and her friend!

  4. Oh does she have an insane mad cackle?? I didn't even notice. It must have sounded PERFECTLY NORMAL to me!

  5. I'm so glad you find all the good stuff out there to share!

    I'm thinking you need to get that floresant light and display it proudly in your house.

    Can cat's really do that??? I'm totally impressed.

    That letter!!! so so so GREAT.

    oh, and I'm with andrew on that banana concoction... yikes!

    also I don't like chocolate so the grasshopper pie is out... but that's ok, those cupcakes were super cute.

    now there's a youtube video I've been thinking you really need to see. I'm going to go find it and link it to your fb page if I can.

  6. wait what? sputter, cough, wheeze. YOU DON'T LIKE CHOCOLATE??? I won't judge you, I actually ENVY you -- how nice it must be not to be a slave to chocolate...she's a cruel and demanding boss. :) Gonna go check out that video!