March 28, 2012


“If you have been very good the whole year through, the night before Easter you will dream the loveliest dreams.”

Are you all feeling Easterish? My mom, the purveyor of holiday décor, gave us the little Easter tree. (name a holiday! she has 3 boxes of decorations for any given holiday. she’s run out of room for it all. so she wants it to live at our house.)

I’ll keep the jib jab short today since I feel slightly under-the-weatherish. Every year I check out the same Easter books from the library. I’d love to own Tasha Tudor’s ‘A Tale for Easter’. And ‘The Bunny Who Found Easter’ by Charlotte Zolotow is so simple and lovely – it will definitely make you feel Easterish!

If you are feeling Hot Cross Bun-ish, you can relive the magic of last year’s Hot Cross Bun post, wherein I get all naughty about my buns (not really). Also, for those who never saw my Bad Bunnies post, well let’s just say you haven’t really lived until you’ve seen Julia’s artistic rendition of bunnies sitting on a toilet. NOW are you feeling Easterish?

(Note: Had a request for baby bunny books. For those looking at this post in the future (how cosmic!) -- check out "Bunny and Me" by Adele Greesnspun and "I am a Bunny" by Richard Scarry. Musts for babies and toddlers!)


  1. Just read the Bad Bunnies post. I love Julia's drawings - they cracked me up. :) Did you ever get a chance to read Richard Scarry's "Naughty Bunny"? We've been listening to the audio version for quite some time. You can find it on YouTube: :)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Ah, I want that Tasha Tudor one too! Have you read A is for Anabelle? I grew up on that one!

    Also,request: how 'bout a post showing all your tree decorations (like this, the stick tree and it's many different outfits, any other trees in your home I might have missed. I'm sure you know a lovely tree book, maybe on Arbor day? Or not, but I think that'd be fun. Feel better!

  3. Nope Michelle, never did get around to reading it, bummer! Now I've reminded myself!! :) Thanks for the link, we will for sure check it out!! I'm pretty ok, just my lady parts acting up on me (TMI alert!) -- dudes have it sooo much easier, I'm convinced of it.

  4. We have "A is for Annabelle" -- a gift from J's auntie! LOVE IT.

    I am totally planning a stick tree retrospective at some point...:) -- and an Easter tree roundup! I loooooove them!

    The best Tree Book ever for me, is "A Tree Is Nice" -- love love love it -- I wrote about it last year but I should re-do the post because I had a hard time with the scans for that one, and I think they got messed up in the new design transition. Since they were too large to scan, I should just photograph the pages...

  5. I hope you feel better soon! And I agree, Tasha is wonderful. :)

  6. Thanks V!! Tasha books make me want to wear aprons and bonnets and make pies all day. Maybe that would get old. But it sounds cool.

  7. Sarah aka Miss Watersilk3/28/12, 12:49 PM

    The Bunny Who Found Easter looks like a great book - nice illustrations.

    Do you have any suggestions for what to put in baby's first easter basket?

  8. See above note Sarah! Just put in some baby bunny book links for you. Also check out the Julia's Bookbag Facebook page, I put the book cover pics there as well. Happy Baby Bunny to you!

  9. Hi Lady, I thought about you yesterday and Easter Trees...My G-ma (Dad's side) always had an Easter Tree and I have some of her old ornaments. I am seriously pondering decorating a bunch of cherry blossom branches I bought the other day with them. It made me think of you! Miss you!

    Xoxo, Auntie A

  10. Yes yes yes!!!! You totally should!! Take pix! Send! Share!

    Here's what I'm doing next fall -- a HALLOWEEN TREE.

    Your g-ma sounds like a RAD cool chick!

    Missing you as well! xo

  11. happened upon your blog tonight - thanks for sharing. Thought I'd drop in a line for 2 more bunny books: Classics: "Home for a Bunny" and "The Country Bunny and the little gold shoes". I have a feeling you'll fall in love with them as well. Such favorites of mine! I look forward to checking out the books you mentioned at the library this weekend, thanks!

  12. @Anon: you are so welcome! I am very familiar with both of those books! Love 'Home for a Bunny' and I literally just read 'The Country Bunny' to my kiddo this afternoon -- She loved it! There's a lot of bunny book goodness to be found...Happy Library Hunting!