March 26, 2012

Eggs and Bonnets

I’d been wanting to read Elsa Beskow’s ‘The Sun Egg’ for a good three years now. (In which a little elf mistakes an orange for a “sun egg”, that has fallen out of the sky.) Finally felt like Julia was able to sit through the text. (Although now that I see it, it would have been fine for her last year.) I’d say ages 4 and up. Elsa Beskow writes books that are so magical, so enchantingly delightful – her art and words are like little fairy footsteps of dew dancing across the page…

PERFECT EASTER PRESENT! It’s a steal on Amazon right now; I’ve seen it go for double the price on other sites and other bookshops.  You know I have the idea that some books you borrow, some books you buy. Elsa books, I buy.

I’ve owned ‘Miss Flora McFlimsey’s Easter Bonnet’ since I was six years old. Do you recall the Flora Valentine’s book I showed y’all in February? I love Flora McFlimsey!! This Halloween, I want the Halloween book -- there’s a whole series! My copy has lost the jacket cover and is somewhat stained on the outside, so I found this much nicer looking cover picture to show you, from the blog Useful or Beautiful.

All the dollies get new Easter clothes and hats. Except for Miss Flora, oh no! But a kind rabbit makes one for her, complete with bunny ear holes. Who will win the Easter Party costume contest? (SPOILER: Flora wins for best hat.)

“And what was the prize? Miss Flora McFlimsey couldn’t quite remember – it had all happened such a long time ago. Perhaps it was that little bottle of eau de cologne in her trunk or her lace parasol.”

I love these old fashioned books! I want to have a fancy bonnet and wear it while watching ‘Easter Parade.’ Who’s with me?


  1. Oh my! I have so many little bunnies in my head. Miss Emma is obsessed but can you imagine the horror of a cute bunny digging his way out?

  2. Elsa Beskow is so wonderful. I need to dig some out. Miss Flora looks precious, and I must check the library soon. :o)

  3. HA HA Ana! Watch out for those bunnies in the head!

    @Danzel: Oh how I love Elsa and yes, go see if your library can get you the Flora McFlimsey -- we just read it last night!

  4. To-wit! To-woo! That looks just lovely! :)

  5. thanks for introducing me to elsa!

  6. Thanks girlies, I'm such a sucker for pretty -- it could be utter rubbish on the pages but show me a pretty book cover and I'm sold -- happily the stuff INSIDE the book is fab as well!

    Just saw the 'Swimmy' cake on your post -- DIVINE!

  7. the flora book looks like a real treasure--I"ve never seen it before! Also, the sun egg--I feel like I tried to find it at our library a while ago and I was disappointed. I will look again....