March 21, 2012

Feeling Springy


Hopper Family Paper Dolls, $8. (I am totally ordering this for Julia's Easter gift!)





'A Very Naughty Rabbit', $24. (You can also find it here for $16, but without the fancy cover.)

50-Origami Paper Lanterns - Assorted Patterns 

rainbow ferris wheel print childrens room carnival photograph art for nursery baby kids turquoise blue lime orange red aqua creamy beige 


Spring Fever has totally set in for me, even though the other day it was 37 degrees, raining sideways and windy. Not cool weather, not cool....


  1. I have a huge soft spot for all things Beatrix Potter... I love the art on the cover of that book. We've read most of those stories (all excellent!) but there are two or three in there that we haven't read yet.

    Those origami paper lanterns are awesome! I added them to my Etsy favorites.

    Great springtime collection!

  2. Love those lanterns and fairy coin purse! So many good ideas!!

  3. my favorite is the ferris wheel print. wow that's so great! And I'm thinking I need to make one of those origami lantern light strings- so great. Really everything is wonderful!

  4. I am so obsessed with the lanterns too! I have a thing for lanterns. ;) Tats, I totally thought of you when I saw that coin purse....:)

  5. Ever since Tangled came out we've had the latern fever around here.
    And, Beatrix Potter? Thank you! She was one of my favorites as a kid, I totally need to pull out all those books- very springy indeed.

  6. the paper dolls! so cute!


  7. I had a feeling you'd like those Vanessa!!