March 8, 2012

I Love Breakfast

Pretty Much the Perfect Breakfast. (That ain’t OJ by the by. How dreadfully pedestrian. Tangerine juice baby!)

Nigella’s Chocolate Banana Muffins. I made these!

Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Rolls. I didn't make these. That’s silly. Why would I make them when Trader Joe’s makes them for me?

‘The Breakfast Book’ by Marion Cunningham is the best breakfast book in the history of the world. Don’t agree? PROVE ME WRONG. I will cheerfully and happily thumb wrestle anyone who tries to tell me different.

Can you make out this recipe for Irish Oatmeal Muffins? I hope so! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve made this recipe over the years. It’s my favorite muffin recipe OF ALL TIME. Goes so wonderfully with jam! I didn't have the total amount of buttermilk I needed last time I made this, so I threw in some whipping cream to make up the 1/2 cup shortfall – they came out fantastic!

I want very much to check out this book I saw on the Anthropologie site:

Perfect Start

And this one, ‘Healthy Breakfast Recipes’ by Alissa Carter.

healthy bfast
I read about this book on the best breakfast site around, Simply Breakfast. This site is SO GREAT! If Jen says it’s good, it’s good! The photography will blow you away. And make you want to eat breakfast all the time!

I love breakfast. I believe I’ve already covered this. (See today’s title. Also, those of you who have read this blog for awhile know that my tongue is so firmly planted in my cheek that it is practically poking a hole through it. Don't listen to a thing I say. Go enjoy your OJ. I won't judge you!)

We have breakfast for dinner A LOT, do you? And if you have a favorite breakfast treat to share, please SHARE. Sharing is caring.

(Image credit of 'The Perfect Start' book:


  1. I love breakfast quite a lot, also breakfast for dinner, or brinner as my family call it, thanks to Scrubs!

  2. you are kinda mean. I haven't eaten yet and what I have available is NOTHING compared to what you've shown above. I want what you're having :( I love breakfast too... we eat breakfast for dinner all the time. My specialty is breakfast burritos, but I love it all.

  3. I love breakfast! Right now I'm noshing on a fine bowl of warm oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins. Now, if only I could get my kids to eat it too... My current favorite breakfast is this pancake recipe: I even have an entire pin board devoted to breakfast!

    And breakfast for dinner, how do I love thee! My mom used to make it for all the time when we were kids. :)

  4. Brinner! Love it!

    I LOOOOVE breakfast burritos!

    I ate oatmeal for breakfast today too! With walnuts!

    Now, can SOMEONE please teach my kiddo that eggs are actually SUPER YUMMY????

  5. Sarah aka Miss Watersilk3/8/12, 10:27 AM

    Oh, breakfast, how I love thee! Tea. Toast. Butter. Huevos rancheros. Omelettes. Sourdough pancakes. Bacon. Sesame bagel with cream cheese and slice tomato. Those egg mcmuffin type sandwiches. Oatmeal. Cream of wheat. Veggie sausage. Congee. Brown soda bread. Hash browns. Mixed grill (heart attack on the side)! Eggs benedict. Toast with avocado. More tea. SECOND BREAKFAST ...

  6. YEAH for second breakfast! Elevensies anyone?? I forget, is that from Winnie the Pooh or Lord of the Rings....

  7. ahhhhhvacado! love it! anytime of day! Yes, that was a very important thing for me to comment on!