March 27, 2012

Yo. Cherry Blossoms.

The SUN came out over the WEEKEND, (This does not happen very often.) so we headed out to get in some prime cherry blossom viewing.  I LOVE cherry blossoms in the springtime. I’m obsessed with cherry blossoms. I have to get myself to Japan to see the real deal someday. Hope you enjoy the cheery cherry (Did you just catch that? Did you?) blossoms as much as we did!

Cherry blossoms. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Note Andrew’s feet, walking along on the ground. The missy prefers to walk while having her feet in the air as much as possible.

Every drinky should come with this cute little wrapper thingy on it. Because LIFE SHOULD BE CUTE.

Cherry blossoms!

View of the Cherry Blossom Paradise. Actually we timed this trip too early; the blossoms weren’t in full bloom yet. But we had to take advantage of that most rare of celestial occurrences – it was sunny!

Not a cherry blossom.

Cherry blossom!

My kiddo spent most of her time climbing the trees and then looking alarmed about how to get DOWN.

Guess what this is! I’ll bet you never will. (It’s a cherry blossom.)

Cherry blossom viewing is best done while upside down and hiding your eyes. I, for one, was unaware of this, but I will totally try it out next time.

CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!!! I love them so.


  1. so beautiful! will they turn into real cherries? I want a cherry tree in my backyard..... (my neighbor has some sort of "cherry" tree that doesn't actually grow cherries.)

  2. You and Andrew are such a cute couple! I'm down with the pastiness - I'm a pale redhead myself.

    And I love that shot of Julia floating along. We can hardly get Miss C. to hold our hands (an activity that sadly must be forced in parking lots), as she prefers to RUN at top speed wherever we go. :)

  3. Oh I just love this post. You all look so happy and I too LOOOOVE Cherry Blossoms...there is something so "springy" about them. THey are one of my faves! Lucky you have so many around you to enjoy...I've got palm trees haha


    come follow my blog all about color if you'd like! I think you'd enjoy it! :-)

  4. @Vanessa: ok here's the thing, I am pretty sure that cherries will grow on them. but not 100% sure??? I used to have one in my yard and it did grow real cherries but the birds got them before I ever could.

    @Michelle: Pale People Power! Julia always tells me, "let's SKIP Mama" -- I love this about children...

    @Aerean: I DO enjoy your blog oh so much! And it's high time I become an official supporter -- I am about color color and more color. (AND PINK) I'd trade you the palm trees for the cherry trees....I miss my Hawaiian palms...

  5. Georgous! So, I know you are in the Seattle-ish area, lets get real here. How often do you see the sun? How often does it rain? And, how did you ever adjust after growing up in Hawaii?

  6. Alright Miss Whit, let's get real. Here's the real deal. NO SUN EVER. For about....6-7 months. I'm not joking. Some years are worse than others. I've given serious serious thought to moving, but it seems unlikely right now. I've been here since early '90's but it's really only started to bother me a lot in the past 5-10 yrs. I used to religiously get to Hawaii in the winter but until last Dec, I had missed 3 years in a row. I know, whah, poor me. But I really need that sun in the winter. Last year I had to get a lightbox in the winter to sit in front of.

    BUT....when it's nice's REALLY nice! In you know...August. And usually October. The rest of the time sucks pretty much.

  7. Oh rain. There's more intermittent drizzle most of the time. But the past few years there have been some 48 periods of nonstop pouring.

  8. So I'm thinking we were probably separated at birth- my brother used to joke about putting his sunglasses on every time I wore a pair of shorts. He would still make the joke if he saw me in shorts now. very dark hair and pale pale skin, thats me too! We should dress up as snow white for halloween :)

    This was a wonderful springy fun and funny post, you always bring a smile to my face friend!

  9. Thank you sweet Robyn! My dad always likes to call my pallor "fish belly white". I'm not feeling super well right now, so your kind comment put a smile to my face today!

  10. oh, I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well :( feel better soon!

  11. Such beautiful pictures!!
    I am on the west coast and have going to DC to see the cheery blossoms in spring down on my list of things to do before I die...some day!

  12. Hi Melissa! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NAME YOU HAVE! :)Love that you came by and I saw your darling site, Brown Bobbin! Beautiful. I'd like to get to DC as well, I've never been in all of my life! Might be easier to get there than Japan....:)

  13. CHERRY BLOSSOMS! I hope that you got to see some Cherry blossoms now that it is spring, it would be a terrible thing if you were to miss all of the cherry blossoms popping out all over! oh sigh...I think I'm funny too. We are even getting blossoms down here in SLC, and that is really bizzare seeing as how its usually a constant blizzard from october to may here! I love how they aren't there they aren't there and then in one day all of the trees are knocking themselves out! Have you heard the children's song Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree? you should look it up if you haven't its a fun one :)

  14. Yes yes Miss Bonnie, I did get to see some Cherry Blossoms -- they are in the photos I took. :) Ha ha ha! I think this week will be the peak. A little rhyme for you. :) I have not heard that song, it sounds delightful!!