April 12, 2012

Cats & Books

Some finds from the library. Good batch o’ books, this lot!

LOVE ‘The Old Tree’ by Ruth Brown. This one is FAB. About five sets of animals live in a huge tree, and have to pull together to prevent the tree from getting cut down. The art is glorious, flamboyant and BIG – it’s a big book. With a GIANT pop up tree on the last page. It kinda blew my mind with its level of awesome. I love it when that happens.

‘Prickles vs. The Dust Bunnies’ by Daniel Cleary made us pee our pants from laughing. Actually just me. HILARIOUS. Did you know you can make a sweater from dust bunnies?  This book is FUN-NAY.

Love me some Charlotte Zolotow and Arnold Lobel! No one is better than Lobel. My kid knows a Lobel book when she sees one because everytime we get a Lobel book I freak out and shove it in her face and say “IT’S ARNOLD LOOOOOOOOOOBEL!!”

Pooh is big right now. And this Pook book doesn’t give me eye strain and has nice color pictures. I like color. I like no eye strain. I like Pooh. You should like Pooh too.

Rosebud likes to step on Pooh.

All the ‘Arthur’ books are great. I like ‘Arthur’s Honeybear’ the best. Because there are cupcakes in it. I don’t have that one to show you. I have this one. But get the other one sometime, because it’s awesome.

Sally enjoys her literature. She would also like to eat it.


This is our life, peeps. Cats and books.


  1. I love this post! We have a Siamese, too (Katie - she's old), and another girl named Jenny. I agree, Charlotte Zolotow and Arnold Lobel are awesome! (And I love your Fisher Price desk. We scored one off eBay last year. I remember learning my letters with mine when I was little.)

    1. Thanks D! I was determined that J have a Fisher-Price desk, got mine from Ebay as well :) -- sadly, she was never that into it, except for when I would sit down and play school with her -- but I LOVED mine as a child and it totally helped me learn to read.

  2. I hadn't even noticed the Fisher Price desk! We had one of those when I was a kid, too. It was awesome!

    My kids are really into the Arthur books right now, too. We've enjoyed picking up the older ones - Arthur's look has really chanced quite a bit since the '70s!

  3. Everyone loves the Fisher Price desk, I should have focused on that a little more! :) The Arthur books are sweet, sweet, sweet....

  4. Before I read the other comments I was going to talk about the fisher price desk- okay, that's been covered :) I need to get that prickles book "we're not sure, a bunch of us are stuck in a clump" HA! and I want to snuggle my face into Sally's belly.

    1. Ebay baby, Ebay is your friend.

      All of these books are very sweet, but 'Prickles vs. The Dust Bunnies' is the big find -- it is so hilarious! Julia reads the Dust Bunnies' words, and I read the Cat and the Mouse. SO FUN!

  5. Well, what kind of idiot am I, I didn't even know about fisher price desks! Anyway-- LOVE that giant fold out!! (Don't know how long it would last around here) :( Also, pinned prickles before I even knew it was from this post!! And-- is it odd that I am totally intrigued by the quarreling book when I just complained about fighting in another book?