April 27, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like

Spring, Springtime...Julia made a spring chalk drawing last week, please note the 'Bug teader' (she was going for 'theater').

Hey guess what: today you can check out my first guest post over at Pen Pals & Picture Books! Thanks for having me, Robyn and Whitney! I just adore these two darling ladies, they've become great bloggy pals. They feature loads of amazing book and craft inspiration on their fun, fun site. Go see!

COOL STUFF I'm liking this week:

Teeny Tiny Terrariums (I'm on a kick with these) made from spice jars.

Oh Ikea, how I love thee. Especially these owl curtains and this hedgehog and fox duvet.

Candy Colored Bento Boxes.

Spring Quiche with Leeks and Sorrel. This would be lovely for Mother's Day!

Homemade Outdoor Fireflies.


Fabulous Play Food roundup.

A pal pinned this on Pinterest. Some of the most fun wall decals I've seen.

Little Cloud Spoonrests.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Spork' by Kyo Maclear and Isabelle Arsenault. I'd been hankering to see this darling little book for ages, so happy to have finally read it with J. Even in the world of cutlery, one must struggle to find a happy niche in which to belong, while also holding onto one's individuality. Cutie cute cute this one, we loved it!


Have a lovely weekend! It's been raining nonstop this past week, but I'm hoping it will stop so we can go plant some veggies. Did I tell you we're going to try and plant a veggie garden this year? We've already planted beets and carrots. I'm so excited to see...if anything grows whatsoever.



  1. I especially love the little cloud plates and the teeny tiny terrariums! Those wall decals are pretty great too. I'm going to pin that book... so many books to find- and read- and enjoy!

    ps are there fireflies in your part of the world? None here, it's always broken my heart a bit.

    1. Nope, never seen any fireflies here, that's why I like this idea of 'making' them! :)

      I've seen them once in the deep South, and they were so cool!

  2. I'm originally from Ohio, lightning bug capital of the world. I think. We still have them down here in the kinda-south...but not nearly as many. They're really beautiful to watch from your porch as evening settles down. :: home :: ~

    Moving on ... a book about sporks? We will have to check this out. Sporks are quite the fascination with my kiddos. We all need somewhere to belong :)

    Good luck with your veggie planting, Melissa!

    1. Thank you Kathi! Very happy you stopped by today :) It seems like maybe fireflies are an East-of-the-Mississippi thing?

      You'll really like the 'Spork' book, it's so cute!!!

  3. I am going to make a mini terrarium STAT, also I REALLY have a thing for hedgehogs why do I not have more of them on my duvet? And finally its true I never really believed fireflies were a real thing until I spent a summer in the Hudson River Valley in New York and they were going bonkers in the wetlands by my sisters house...they are the most amazing thing!

    1. Me too, me too! Gonna make a whole row of little terrariums. And one big one. And hope the kitties don't get into it. Very cool that you saw so many cool fireflies :)

      Julia LOVES hedgies and now I'm into them too. I want a baby a hedgehog!

  4. I love love love Spork. That's the book that sparked my Kyo Maclear/Isabelle Arsenault obsession.

    1. It's SO unique and darling, don't you think? I have 'Virginia Wolf' on order at the library, can't wait to see it!!