April 19, 2012

A Day at Home

Last weekend the weather was nice again! When the sun comes out even just a little bit at this time of year, kids go crazy and start pulling out shorts. Sixty degrees! Heatwave!

Sorry Domino, but you are the recipient of only the 2nd negative review I’ve given out on this site. Usually I don’t do negative reviews because there are lots o’ things to discuss that I’m totally stoked about. But because Domino has now ripped my heart to shreds TWICE, once by folding up shop in the first place and now by taunting us with this lame rehash of old content, Domino is getting CALLED OUT. Were there really NO new homes to see? None? REALLY?

No one loved you more than I did, Domino. Therefore no one is more disappointed in you than I am. There were maybe 2 things in the whole ‘special’ edition that were fresh content. It was special all right. Special in the sense that it was all stuff that we’d seen in the old magazines AND the Domino book! Go buy the book. The book is awesome. The ‘new’ mag was a huge meh. Boo.

Getting off soap box, exiting stage right.

We are NOT disappointed in the classic Chinese folktale Tikki Tikki Tembo! Or Mad Libs! Here are two fun games: try saying this as fast as you can, it’s totally fun:

“Tikki Tikki Tembo no-Sa-Rembo chari-Bari-Ruchi pip-Peri Pembo”

Say it faster.

And try writing some Mad Libs with your kiddo. Take turns. I’ll bet yours will be funny and silly. I’ll bet your kiddos' will have the words “poop”, “poopy”, “toilet” and “pee-pee” everywhere they can put them. And they will think THAT is even funnier and sillier.

No? Only my kid likes to do that?

Sally is looking at squirrels. She would like to chase a squirrel. Or a bird. Her teeth chatter when she sees either one, it is SO BIZARRE.

See what Andrew is washing out for me? It’s Julia’s Hello Kitty canteen. Sometimes when you go camping, you get thirsty and this amazing canteen comes with a little cup on top. Hello Kitty is thoughtful like that.


Me. Smiling through the pain of knowing that I paid $11 for that Domino mag.

It was an exciting day! It was a day where we didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything! So that made it exciting! Shorts, books, Mad Libs, chattering cats, warmish weather. Domino, you’re on my naughty list.


  1. Stay at home days are the best! I loved your story about your chattering kitty. It reminded me of a series of books that I've been meaning to recommend to you. Have you read any of the Mr. Putter and Tabby books? Mr. Putter is a funny old man and Tabby is his old orange kitty. In "Mr. Putter and Tabby Spin the Yarn", Tabby's teeth get all chatty when they visit their friend and neighbor, Mrs. Teaberry (and her good dog, Zeke). These books are soooo cute and my kids always crack up at Mr. Putter's adventures. :)

    1. I haven't read those books Michelle -- they sound darling!! We're going to try and get Sally's chattering on video....

  2. I read this today earlier on my phone---had to come back and comment! I would have been suckered in by the domino mag, too! I have the book and saved all my old issues--I haven't seen the re-release in stores yet, but thank you for warning me!! I'll keep my $11, thank you. :)
    ps. my cat chatters at birds, too!

    1. V -- I have NEVER seen a cat chatter before! It totally freaked me out the first time I saw it, I thought she was having some kind of fit or something!

      Yes, as much as it hurts me to say it -- SAVE YO $. Go read some old issues instead. (I saved ALL of mine too! There was about a 5 month lag before I started in with Domino so I don't have the very earliest issues. I wish I had saved more Cookie mags, did you ever read that? I LOVED Cookie! Didn't get into it until they were already out for a few years, so I missed a lot of issues...)

  3. I started writing Mad Libs for my oldest daughter, Gracie, during Earth Hour two years ago. I re-wrote some fairy tales and, by candlelight, taught her the parts of speech, so that she could fill in the blanks. Santa brought her some Mad Libs books, but she still prefers the ones I write.

    A high school teacher told me the other day that a student recently asked her to define an adjective. How sad, I said. How can you do Mad Libs without knowing what an adjective is?

    1. What a lovely story Miss D! You made your own! What a fun thing to do, I'll have to try that with Julia. (she'll probably still want to write "poopy" all over the place, SIGH.

      She just learned about adjectives and verbs. . .in Kindergarten. She was very excited about it! We thought up adjectives for an entire afternoon. I can't imagine the heartbreak of getting to high school without that knowledge. :(