April 23, 2012

Land of Nod Cool Stuff

I'm a big Land of Nod fan and I was super impressed with all the colorful fun in the most recent catalog. I'm really attached to the paper lanterns and the gummi bear nightlights down below...

Distinguished Luminaries Lantern (Fresh Cut), $9.95.

Distinguished Luminaries (Heavy Lifting), 9.95.

Deer Flashy Forest Wall Decal, $32.

And Your Bird Can Sing?, 14.95.

Fairy Tale Poster (Little Red Riding Hood), $99.

Fairy Tale Poster (Princess and the Pea), $99.

Green Gummy Bear Nightlight, $29.

Sukie Iron-Ons, $14.95.

Bullseye Wall Art, $109.

Tangled Up In Blue Bedding, $79-$109.

Take a good look at this last picture. See those art dioramas in the wooden boxes? They aren't for sale, but I'm really thinking of trying to recreate them. I think they are so tremendously fantastic...I wonder how they attach to the wall? If you have the catalog, the picture there shows more detail than the one on the website.

That first lantern is really calling my name. . . and how fun are those iron-on decals?  Although she'd have to leave the ironing part to me, Julia would love designing her own shirts with those!


  1. Love the modern fairy tale posters but $99???


    1. One to keep an eye on for a reduced price somedeay...ebay maybe! :)

  2. I love that Gummy Bear light. Sooo cute! As to the dioramas, wouldn't it be cute to make them for Julia's favorite books? As soon as I wrote that I was reminded of making diorama book reports in grade school. Did you have to make those too? Weren't they great fun?!

    1. Aren't those so cute? Such a great idea Michelle -- No I never made those in school, but it sounds so fun!

  3. as for dioramas, please go to this link. These were made by one of my neighbors and very good friends and I think you need to see them :)
    I love all the stuff you've featured today btw- very cool stuff

    1. Holy cow, those were the most hilarious things I've seen IN MANY A DAY.
      totally awesome!

  4. I love those fairy tale posters! Are the dioramas made from old wine crates? I am hunting down wine crates to make shelves--saw it in design sponge's book. I love the idea of a diorama, though--what fun to create with Julia!

    1. Yeah, I don't know, but they are so cool looking... oooh, you have the Design Sponge book? I so want it! Is it totally fabulous? That might be a good thing to ask for on Mother's Day! :)