April 30, 2012

May Day

Happy May Day! (tomorrow) 
So give your kiddiwinks some streamers and watch them go twirling,

make some pretty paper cones (see here for a paper cone tutorial) and fill them with flowers,

invite me over when you make this beautiful Springy Earl Grey cake with rhubarb cream,

and join me in trying to track down this vintage lovely of a book, 'Little Grey Rabbit's May Day' by Alison Uttley.

On the Morn of Mayfest
I'm also going to see if my library has 'On the Morn of Mayfest' by Erica Silverman -- I love the sleepwalking kiddo with a bird on her head! I think both of these books would be fun to read all this month, don't you?

Wanted to give you at least a day to get yourself ready to CELEBRATE MAY! Julia and I are going to go leave some posies in paper cones on our neighbors' door knobs.

I love the month of May. The last bits of cold usually pack up and go, and there's the knowledge that summer is just around corner. 

(Image credits: http://jennywrendesigns.blogspot.com/2010/05/first-day-of-may.htmlhttp://english-wedding.comhttp://www.raspberricupcakes.com/2011/06/earl-grey-cake-with-rhubarb-cream.html )


  1. oh, thank you for being so great, and posting this a day early! (you know what it's like to be a busy momma!)

    May has certainly snuck up on me, and now we have a special reason to celebrate. we may jut make that cake. you and Julia come on over ;)

    have a great week, Melissa!

    1. Hey Kathi back at you with the good week wishes! I'm so with you, I can't believe it's May! April FLEW by.

  2. Eek! Is it may already???

    Did you see that sweet little pitcher in the background of the cake photo? Wouldn't that make breakfast so much fun?

    1. Crazy right?? I can't believe it. Oh my gosh, yes the PITCHER...Adore! I want to have pouring cream in it. I have a British cookbook which always refers to 'pouring cream', I love that phrase -- "Can you pass the pouring cream?" Love it!

  3. I love Marla Frazee! She is wonderful! I was totally expecting the post on the fairy book, mean! But, I will settle for a cup of posies and Marla Frazee. Ah May, summer cannot get here soon enough!!

    1. I'll show that fairy book! Promise! Soon! Gotta photograph it first...:)