April 4, 2012

Sora and the Cloud

Where to start about 'Sora and the Cloud', by Felicia Hoshino? How about with this: "It's like Hayao Miyazaki meeting the Red Balloon!" (Amazon)

Or how about this:
"It is tempting to label 'Miyazaki-like' anything appealing to children and Japanese in origin. But in this instance the analogy fits. The nameless cloud is a benign yet mysterious and uncontrollable presence as it lifts Sora, Totoro style, into the sky. There he views a skyscraper mid-construction, an amusement park, a festival of kites and other boyish marvels. Hoshino’s intricate and delicate drawings deliver this parade of sightseeing pleasures in a way that is at once dreamlike and visceral." — New York Times Book Review
I saw this book cover on Pinterest and stopped dead in my tracks. WHAT WAS THIS?

Pure beauty, that's what it is. What makes the book EVEN COOLER is that there's a bilingual Japanese translation included in the story. You can read more and order the book here. Where is here?

Immedium is here.

Immedium is an San Francisco-based publishing company. According to their blog, Immedium focuses on "wonderfully illustrated picture books and titles on contemporary arts, culture, and Asian America."

I am knocked out by HOW DARN COOL all of their books appear to be! (They also have the whole line of Octonauts books!)


Head over to the Immedium website for ordering info on all of the titles in today's post. You think you can order faster than I can? Let's see!

You can also check out Felicia Hoshino's website, for more details about her art.


  1. Ahhh! So much to say and love and ooh and ahhh about! We know I tend to get wordy, so let me just leave it at this: I AM SO FINDING THESE!! RIGHT AWAY!!

  2. Replies
    1. YEAH BABY! Seriously I havent been this excited about a bunch of books in a long time, they all look FABULOUS!!!

  3. Wow, I love the looks of Sora. Good find! :)

    1. Thanks Miss V -- doesn't it look fabulous? I think I gotta have it.

  4. So glad you enjoyed it, this book is one of my two all time faves for my kids. We are getting this for everyone I know for birthdays this year, hope they print more!

    But...this is way better than Miyazaki. :)

    1. Better than Miyazaki?? I am so on this book! What a great idea to give it as gifts! Thanks for coming by today, I see that we have some book interests in common :)