May 8, 2012

Children With Swag

My pal Laura (I featured her darling family and the books they read in this post.) sent me the link to this amazingly hilarious and fantastic Tumblr blog, winningly entitled 'Children With Swag'. These kids are super fab! They are more fab than you. They are more fab than me. They are rockin' their clothes as only the confidence of early youth can.

In doubt about the super confidence of the young? Here are some bon mots from Miss Julia lately:

"Mom, I look AWESOME!"

"The name Julia is very special. It's from Rome. There's no name quite like it!"

"I'm the best dancer in the whole entire world."

Behold just a taste of the fab:

Submission from<br /><br />Lola<br />
<br />Spotted at Chengdu Narrow Alley.<br />Me: &#8220;Kids with swag.&#8221;BF: &#8220;That should be a blog.&#8221;Me: &#8220;It is.&#8221;<br />

<br />My sister Angelika ballin so hard.<br />
(This little guy and his enormous binky is TOTALLY my favorite of the lot!)

<br />My niece Dylan. She will not go anywhere without her suitcases.<br />(Apparently this little girl will not go ANYWHERE without her suitcases.)

There's a ton more Children With Swag awesome to be seen, go check it out!


  1. This is pretty amazing! I love the word swag. My niece calls it Swagy... Like Justin Bieber. This children have lots of swagy.

  2. I looove that little girl with the suitcases!

  3. those kids are all so much cooler than me. I love it. (I admit it isn't hard to be cooler than me, but those kids are much)

    1. That one kid's binky is cooler than me! Not to mention everything else :)