May 4, 2012

Cool Stuff I Like (Stuff I Want for Mom's Day!)

Hey Peeps! Did you have a great first week of May? Did you all have a chance to check out our May Day flower baskets that we made? Remember when I told you about Children's Day? I am full of questions today, apparently. Well at Julia's school, they made hanging fish in art class to celebrate Children's Day! I hung it next to her rainbow bird and the back door is very colorful indeed. (In stark contrast to the GREY GREYNESS outside. Yesterday it was 52 and it rained for about 6 hours straight. If I could see the weather right now I'd kick it in the shin. Is that wrong?)

I decided that this week I would make a list of things that I'd be happy to receive for Mother's Day (are you listening Andrew??) as well as some yay May! items that made me happy to see...

COOL STUFF for the first week of May, I'd like any of the following (Yo. Andrew.):

Tea Towels. Either these, these or some of these.

Tamasin Day Lewis' new cookbook.

Cookies from Whimsy & Spice.

Or Japanese bath salts.

And here's just some awesome stuff that I saw that was awesome:

Rhubarb cake that also has marshmallows. Gross or good?

Ways to celebrate May!

Cool Book of the Week: I have gone on record with my EXTREME Polly Dunbar adoration before, but I have to mention her again, because Julia pulled 'Goodnight Tiptoe' off the shelf the other night for story time. So, so cute. The cute quotient is OH SO HIGH in these books. I love them so much! Toddlers will looooooove these and Julia, who is a beginning reader, loves to read books like this to us.

Goodnight, Tiptoe
Goodnight, Tiptoe

Have a lovely weekend! If it's not raining (notice how I preface everything with that phrase...), we're going to go examine little wee sea creatures because it's low tide and all the star fishies will be out and about. And I'll be reminding Andrew ten million times that MOTHER'S DAY is coming up....



  1. I love those striped tea towels. And that post about reading to your child is hilarious!

  2. Andrew, you should get her the 3rd set of tea towels. That set is the best, so cute!

    Those story lanterns are fantastic, and I've never heard Polly Dunbar... time to put her on my list of to find authors.

    1. Oh you will really like Polly Dunbar....'Shoe Baby' is one of my all time favs for toddlers -- Julia still quotes lines from that book :)

  3. happy maypole dancing you maypole slut!

    first of all...ANYTHING on shop terrain please.

    and second of all belloq tea is heaven.

    1. Ok I am just now realizing the huge OPPORTUNITY LOST when I was naming my Happy May Day post -- Should've called it Happy Maypole Dancing Maypole Sluts! Then I could have chortled with glee and clapped my hands, envisioning how many folks I just made faint.

      Terrain.....all of it...just want ALL OF IT....

      And darn you to heck for getting to have Bellocq tea before me! :)

  4. Poor Andrew! ;-) I'm just kidding, Melissa!

    For what it's worth the combination of rhubarb and marshmallow has aroused my curiosity AND I'm so glad you love tea too!


    ps It's been raining for ever anon here in France too. Lucky gardens, ey?

    1. Hello Miss Stephanie!! Oh my goodness, if I make my way to France, we must have tea party. I love tea with every breath and fiber of my being. Heaven for me would one endless tea party...:)

      Love your positive take on too much rain. It is indeed helpful in promoting green of all sorts -- our grass is growing, our flowers and plants -- just hoping the baby seeds we planted get enough sun to poke their heads out!