May 16, 2012


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I know its been expressed in a million different ways, but MY GOODNESS, children are such a delight! (When they're not being a pain in the booty, ha.) The other day my girl marched up to me and asked if she could put on her fancy holiday frock from Grandma, because she wanted to “put on my party dress and go dancing in it.” Well yes, sweetheart. Of course you can. Carry on.

Then she danced for a good half hour and when she finished, she asked me to take a picture of her toes.

Doesn’t the world need more of this? More dancing in the sun in party dresses?


  1. Hi Julia
    I think we have met before online, I just read your lovely comment on Ez's recent post to do with authentic blogging and that reminded me of you and to pop over.
    This post is full of authentic joy and it's so true that children don't seem to have the worries about wanting to just be themselves, she looks beautiful
    Love kat x

    1. It's me Melissa! Always such confusion between my name and the blog title, that was a bit of a misstep on my part unfortunately. But that's ok, I don't mind reminding folks that I'm me! tee hee

      Yes of course lovely Kat, we have chatted before and your site always makes me sigh at all of the beauty over there. It ALWAYS makes happy to see your images. I've been dealing with some annoying health issues that have affected my sleep so I've been remiss in saying hello at my favorite places lately. Happy middle-of-May to you! xo, Melissa

  2. Some of my very very very favorite moments with my children are centered around dancing. I love the pictures you took- the sun on Julia's face, her artistically moving arms and of course the wiggly toes. wonderful

    1. Thank you sweet Robyn -- I'm really happy with these photos of her -- I have tons more that I didn't was such a fun afternoon!

  3. I love watching my children dance. The spinning. The silly spins. The sheer joy of it all. Thanks for showing us Julia's moves! :)

    1. She has dancing joy in her heart! I was happy to catch it in pictures. :)