May 23, 2012

Dressing Up Like a Dragon

P1010926Julia and I sorted a bunch of dress up stuff the other day and we re-discovered her dragon costume (she will tell you loudly that it’s NOT a dinosaur!). She put it on and wore it for the next eight hours straight. She wore it around the house. She wore it in the car. She wore it at Grandma’s house. You should have seen the tangled mess of hair when we finally pried the thing off of her head.

She was so happy that day. She loved being a dragon! I don’t know why it makes me so happy that she is so into dragons. I guess I’m happy that she feels free to be something besides a princess. She’s always loved dinosaurs and dragons; she has two dragon stuffed animals that she adores. During the toddler years, she went through a phase where she insisted on introducing herself to people as “Julia T-Rex”.

P1010948P1010958P1010956P1010957The dragon costume was worn, as you can see, to paint the dragon we gave her for her birthday. The exact set she received you can find here. The set comes with two dragons – the other dragon has yet-to-be-painted and is named Marshmallow. I forget what the painted one was named. She’s been working on painting the first dragon off and on for a couple of months.

Last year I wrote several posts about some of our favorite dragon books – you can see a few of them here and here.

We think dragons are the bee’s knees around here.


  1. Well, at least it's not a Dora nightgown that she won't take off and even when you get her dressed in other clothes, she takes those off and puts the nightgown back on...I mean that would be really strange, I imagine, not like I know or anything :)

    Also we read a new dragon story Too Hot to Hug. Lilac really likes it.

    1. Ah yes indeedy. I feel ya. Reminds me of the time J insisted on wearing her Tinkerbell nightgown as a dress. "It's a dress Mama!" Uh, no....

      'Too Hot to Hug' -- cute title! I'll go look for it :)

  2. Dragons are so COOL! Oh I got the best vintage dragon/prince book a while back "The Dragon who liked to spit FIRE" by Judy Varga (Varga btw is my maiden name and I think its very cool to have a book written by someone with that name since its not that common) Anyway the book was written in 1961 and has awesome illustrations- all in black, orange and purple :) but what I love most of all is the cover- it has the BEST dragon cover.

    Julia looks adorable in her Dragon costume!

    1. Cool! Another dragon book to look for! Yippee hurray, happy day :)

      Varga is a rad name BTW.

      You should have SEEN the tangle pile that was the back of her head.....Oh my.

  3. She's a perfect dragon! So cute! And her painting is wonderful!