May 7, 2012

Kokeshi Dolls

_DSC0184I think Japanese Kokeshi dolls are the THE SWEETEST. You can find some lovelies at this Etsy shop. You know if you’ve been hanging with me for awhile about my great love for all-things-Japanese. Not sure why exactly, I’ve been entranced with everything Asian inspired since I was a little girl. Maybe helped along by living in Hawaii, I don’t know. At any rate, I really can’t get enough!

_DSC0180_DSC0183_DSC0181I picked up ‘Yumi’ by Annelore Parot awhile back and was saving it to give to Julia on Children’s Day. I’d had my eye on this book and also ‘Kimonos’ by Miss Annelore for quite some time. After much agonizing, I got ‘Yumi’ instead of ‘Kimonos’ simply because I thought Julia would like the pictures of the pets, but it was a tough, tough decision to make. (And check out her other books!)

Lots of flaps to lift and peek-thru pictures…my favorite picture in the whole book did not photograph well (beautiful carp kites hanging from a tree and the carp are individually cut out so that they flutter on the tree, SO AWESOME; I was crushed not to be able show it to you.) You’re gonna have to take my word that it’s fab.

_DSC0173_DSC0174The book is the prefect complement to these little Kokeshi dolls that we have. The one with pink hair is named ‘Strawberry Peach’. The little one is named Eraser Girl, because she is a tiny eraser. Ok I just named her that just now.

They are having a little strawberry milk snack. Also an eraser. Might taste a bit rubbery.

(You can find Momiji Kokeshi Dolls here, they run about $12 each. This is the line where our pink haired doll came from. They have Hello Kitty dolls too! This set of 6 Japanese eraser Kokeshi dolls goes for $6. And if you love erasers or tiny play food, I found a TON of food shaped erasers.)

I’d love to pick up this paper Kokeshi dool craft kit from Djeco – I think Julia’s fine motor might be not quite ready for this – but I’m thinking I should pick one up while they are still around and just save them until she’s ready… IT’S ALWAYS BEST TO BE PREPARED, I say.


  1. They are adorable! I especially like your little eraser dolls. Is it possible to bring yourself to actually use them to erase pencil markings? I seriously doubt it! ;)

    1. Michelle, we don't use any of our erasers as actual erasers! We only use them as little toys or to use in the dollhouse. :) Isn't that funny?

    2. Sounds very normal to me! When I was little I had some cute little erasers, although none nearly as cute as these, and I *never* used them for erasing. I actually had a small eraser collection. I was just weird like that! :)

  2. Melissa, I absolutely adore Djeco toys. Angélique has been, at the grand age of two and a bit, been fed on their amazing stickers and collage kits. They are seriously classy and whimsical all rolled into one. I have my eye on one of their puzzles; the toadstool house one; do you know it?

    That's settled; I'm going for the Kimonos right now. When I was little one of my parents's friends used to work regularly in Tokyo and he would shower me with Japanese gifts when he came to visit us. I had a beautiful blue embroidered kimono when I was four years old. I loved it.


    1. Stephanie, I just can't rave enough about Djeco -- everything they make is wonderful, I find. Loveliness. I haven't seen the toadstool house puzzle, I'll have to see if I can check it out online

      You will LOVE 'Kimonos' -- it's GORGEOUS -- like I said, I really could not choose between the books, I kind of closed my eyes and flipped a mental coin :)

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