May 30, 2012

Raggedy Ann

raggedy ann mix
It seems only fitting to drink the Raggedy Ann Pink Hot Chocolate Julia received as a birthday gift from a friend, while reading Raggedy Ann stories. . .

I love love lovedy LOVED Raggedy Ann stories when I was young! I have nearly the entire set of books by Johnny Gruelle from my childhood.

Such a lovely place to be, the world inside these books! Did you know that Raggedy Ann has a pink candy heart sewn into her cotton body? And that her little girl owner’s name is Marcella? LOVE that name! So old-fashionedy.

(Just ordered this book. I had to have it. LOOK AT THIS COVER!)

These stories are so sweet. Raggedy Ann and her friends escape the nursery to hightail it to the pantry TO STEAL JAM. Oh the naughtiness! She gets accidentally flown into the sky by a kite. She comes down into a tree. Raggedy Ann and her friends meet some kittens.

Are you feeling my vibe here? THE SWEETNESS. Hard to find in a lot of books. Julia is just now starting to be able to sit still long enough to handle the text involved. I wouldn’t really start on these before ages 5 or 6.

I’ll talk about her other books another day. (One book talks about a hot dog tree and a lemonade pool. SO AWESOME!!!!!)

(Image Credits for Marcella book: Aleph-Bet,)


  1. I love the illustrations - they are divine! The stories sound cute, too. I'm in love with anything old-fashioned, especially children's stories. :)

    1. These books just rock my world with the art and the sweet natured storytelling, I'm telling ya :)

  2. Oh I loved Raggedy Ann and Andy too! I think mine are still in my parents' basement, I'll have to have them shipped.

  3. This post is so timely! We're planning a Raggedy Ann party for my youngest this year. I still have most of my Raggedy Ann goodies from the 1970s, and last night, the girls watched the (bad) movie from the '70s on YouTube. I have a big stack of old books, too. (Ebay is a great source!) I may need to get some Raggedy Ann Pink Hot Chocolate - the birthday is November 1...

    1. Oh how FUN Danzel! Oh I hope you can put pix of the party on Pinterest or something! What a darling idea for a birthday. The Pink Hot Chocolate is really fun, Julia loves it - the milk comes out all pinky pie....

    2. Pink hot chocolate sounds lovely. You know, I actually have a blog name and spot on Blogger, but the whole thing confuses the crap out of me. I have yet to publish anything on it. I play on Pinterest, and post my own pictures for friends on Facebook. Maybe by November... We'll see.

    3. Oh you should do it, you should do it!!!!! I'll be content in the meantime with your awesome Pinterest picks :)

  4. Hope you and yours were very safe today! Scary stuff in your neck of the woods!

    1. oh thank you sweet Whitney! It happened right close where Andrew used to live with his roommates in his single days. Ghastly.


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