May 9, 2012

A Sepia Tone Day

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I know that I tend to do a lot of internet shouting and jump up and down about Hello Kitty and hurray, let’s have a tea party! and wooohoo! Pink Sparkle Fun! Melissa is enthused ALL OF THE TIME!

However. Most days are just regular days. There are toilets to be cleaned (yay! one time I was totally scrubbing the toilet and some of the water kicked up into my eye. that was so lame.) cats who have thrown up on the floor (was it you Rosebud? or was it Sally?), laundry piles to fold, cranky children, aches and pains and illnesses, tired days, sad days, days where you want to stay in bed and READ, but there's meals to make, sheets to put on beds, errands to run, work to finish, jobs to do…you know, stuff that needs to be done everydayish?

Another however. I’ve always loved sepia tone. I think it makes moments that are Not Terribly Exciting look cool. Makes the ordinary seem less BLAH.

(I'm going heavy on the italics today peeps...)

I used it on Andrew’s tea and snacky, which was taken under fluorescent kitchen lighting. And suddenly, a hasty camera glance turned into fabulousity that I wanted to grab out of his hand. So I did. Ha! (I didn't. But I wanted to.) I used it to capture the cats, who were just sitting around dropping cat hair (and apparently, vomit.) all over the place.

(I thought about saying: And suddenly, they became feline art, statues, making the domestic appear lovely. And then I thought: Oh please. They just look slightly less naughty than they usually do. Feline art my heiney. Those cats only love Andrew so I don't love them, AT ALL.)

I was having a day where I discovered a brand new wrinkle under EACH EYE! And the sepia made me feel better about the wrinkle. My lines are there from a lot of smiling and hysterical laughing. Smiling all the way up to your eyes is nice. Many folks don't actually do this, I've noticed. They just give the lower half smile.

I wanted to catch my cutiepies readasnuggling. Snuggareading? – and let me tell you, that photo sucked when I took it – it was really blurry, terrible color – but sepia made the picture more like the image I was trying to catch in the first place.

Many things can turn an ordinary day into Something Specialer. (that should be a word.) On this day, it was sepia. Small moments seemed bigger. Sometimes I think happiness can be measured in the tiniest of increments -- a cup of tea, a special book find at the library, the realization that a new Octonauts is coming on and that makes your kiddo super excited. These are not big things. But waiting for Big Happiness may entail a lot of waiting. Little pieces of happiness are everywhere and so easy to find. Kind of like flipping a switch on a camera.


  1. absolutely lovely! Sunday was a super blah day around here... I should have pulled out the sepia tone ;) The pictures are beautiful... I love the glow from the windows and the cats, seriously that pic could be in a magazine about coziness and comfort and all that. And speaking of smiles, Julia certainly smiles with her eyes! Also isn't it wonderful how a new episode of Octonauts really improves the day? thanks again for introducing us!

  2. What a wonderful post. I like how a little sepia makes everyday life look soft and beautiful. Do you think sepia tones would make my house look cleaner? ;)

    I try not to look too hard at my eyes these days... there are waaaaay too many lines going on there (thank you, fair skin!). They're from lots of smiling and laughing over the years, so I guess that's a plus. ;)

  3. Sepia does gloss over the flaws! I don't think it helps clean tho, :) -- I still see piles and piles of stuff everywhere. I just didn't photo the piles. (But if I did, I bet those piles would look AWESOME!)

    It's been sunny the past few days, but with all the grey we have around here, I'll take some sepia glow to help things out!

    I kid you not, Andrew just told me 5 minutes ago that one of the cats threw up again. (maybe if they WOULD STOP EATING SWEATERS and stuffed animals, this wouldn't happen????)

  4. My commenting skills are very poor these days, almost none existent, what is the matter with me? The everydayish, that's what! So, massive comment here to say...

    1- before I even read about the wrinkles I was totally thinking to myself sepia always hides my zits and agey skin (zits and wrinkles at the same time? Why I ask, why? Oh and the bags...sigh)
    2-totally cat statues, yes they really do look picturesque-- their models, so they have to throw up, right?
    3-What is Julia sewing? A little vet on your hands?
    4- New Octonauts are always cause for celebration around here too!
    5- As a made up word official, I think the correct choice is for sure snuggareading-- and this whole post is just sepiawesome (sorry that one was lame).

  5. It's official...SNUGGAREADING!

    J is learning to sew a button (not from me! from her g-ma :)

    I say, let's keep on with the word creationism -- the English language is woefully deficient when it comes to certain describey words. They don't convey what I want them to, therefore, I will tweak them. :)